In land of po-boys, cheesesteaks find home on Freret’s dining row

Posted April 7, 2014 / Last updated April 23, 2014

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From The Blue Jay, Vol. 86, No. 5, April 2014

By Brendan Besh and Jack Hebert, The Taste Buds

It’s late. Both Taste Buds are hungering for a nice, juicy Company Burger, but as is custom, the line is out the door. To no argument, Brendan suggests a succulent sausage from an old favorite, Dat Dog. But on the walk down Freret, Jack is intoxicated by the smell of beef on a flat top grill.

This wonderful smell comes from Liberty Cheesesteaks, a welcome addition to the increasingly popular dining alley. True to its motto, Liberty Cheesesteaks brings “a true cheesesteak to Freret Street.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Why get a sandwich from Philadelphia in a city famous for po-boys?

The answer is simple – roast beef. As experts in the culinary arts, we Taste Buds have tasted the finest beef all over this great city, but Liberty takes the cake. Although not tenderized by the fists of Rocky Balboa, like some choice cuts from the City of Brotherly Love, Liberty’s beef melts in your mouth. The classic combination of meat and cheese melds into one, mind-blowing mass that satisfies every with every bite.

The menu is simple (only cheesesteaks) but does offer a bit of variety. One can choose from the original steak with Provolone cheese or Cheez Whiz, the classic choices from the streets of Philadelphia. An Italian twist comes with the pizza cheesesteak, with red gravy and mozzarella. Then there’s the chick steak, served with chicken instead of beef.

If onions and cheese aren’t enough to top your steak, Liberty suggests their homemade spicy, garlic, or hot pepper sauces. These cheesesteak conjurers even ventured into the wonderful realm of po-boys, offering up a French fry po-boy with grilled onions and Cheez Whiz. What makes Liberty stand out among restaurants claiming to have authentic Philly cheesesteaks is their use of Italian rolls imported from Philadelphia. Unlike po-boy bread, these 12-inch loaves of bread are soft, but not flaky.

If a hearty full steak can’t fill you up, Liberty offers sides of regular, Cheez Whiz, and steak fries. Normally, steak fries refers to the cut of the potato, but at Liberty it literally means steak. That’s right. Grilled meat plus French fries. It’s reality. If you still hunger for more delicious treats, Liberty offers a delicious, homemade bread pudding.

Thanks to some Tulane graduates from Philadelphia, New Orleans was graced with the wonderful gift of cheesesteaks. Next time you’re in search of a meal on Freret, consider Liberty Cheesesteaks as an alternative to the classic po-boy.

We Taste Buds bestow an excellent rating of 5 golden forks upon this Mecca of grilled meat. Until next time, stay hungry New Orleans.

Liberty Cheesesteaks
5031 Freret St.
(504) 875-4447
Open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mon.-Sat.; 11 6 p.m. Sun.