Keeping the Big Picture in Sight

Posted December 18, 2014 / Last updated August 18, 2015

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S_MCGINNSJ_TONYAt the first morning assembly of the school year, I told the student body that two themes would guide my reflections during the coming the school year. We are called to show our gratitude, and we are challenged to consider the big picture. Frequently we can neglect to express our gratitude, and oftentimes in our daily routine we focus on details so much that we lose sight of our larger purpose.

I am especially grateful to Fr. Raymond Fitzgerald for the leadership he has given the school community for the past three years. He continues to advise me on many matters, reminding me to keep the big picture in mind.

Fr. Fitzgerald led the school community in developing a strategic plan in 2013. The plan thoroughly covers every aspect of the school, but it does so in a way that it does not lose sight of the larger goal. The plan was formulated to enhance the school’s mission of forming young men in every important aspect of their lives. As the author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People says, the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. For us the main thing is helping our students grow into the men God has planned them to become.

A key feature of the section on student life involves a framework for coordinating the various departments dealing with student life — athletics, campus ministry, extracurriculars, discipline, service programs, student activities, and guidance. Our students are much better served when we have intentional cooperation and interdependence of these areas of student services.

The master plan calls for significant improvements to the original school building, built in 1926. As the building approaches its one-hundredth anniversary, we are planning to upgrade the facility so that it can be prepared for the next one hundred years.

The renovation of the second floor small chapel has been completed. The plumbing, electrical wiring, and air conditioning system in the six-story administration wing need to be replaced. For the next five summers, the classrooms will be upgraded and technology infrastructure of the classroom will be enhanced. The gym and the Roussel Building need to be upgraded and air-conditioned.

These improvements will require a substantial investment by the friends of the Jesuit. In addition to raising the funds to pay for the physical improvements, Jesuit needs to increase its endowment so that it can continue to provide financial assistance to families in need.

All of the physical improvements will not amount to much if we lose sight of the big picture. Jesuit must continue to provide an education for young men regardless of their families’ ability to pay the full tuition.

Thank you for your support which has made such a difference in the life of the school and the lives of people it serves.

Fr. Anthony McGinn, S.J. ’66

The full text of the strategic plan appeared in the 2013 Fall-Winter Jaynotes