Deadline for Submissions to Student Prayer Book Is Friday

Posted May 12, 2014 / Last updated May 14, 2014

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Through All the Days of Life, Third Edition

In August, the fourth edition of the student prayer book, Through All the Days of Life, will be published and distributed to the student body. One important section of this book will be a collection of prayers composed by students.

This edition of the book will be used by Blue Jays until 2020. Since students are the ones experiencing the trials and joys of everyday life at Jesuit, it is only fitting that many of the prayers come from their hearts after reflecting on God’s work in their lives.

These are some guidelines to consider when composing a prayer:

  1. Be sure to compose the prayer in the form of a direct address. Whether addressing one of the saints, or Mary, or God as a particular person of the Trinity, or one of the titles for God (i.e. “Lord” or “Merciful Redeemer”), prayers should praise or ask something of a person.
  2. Choose one or more of the common forms of prayer to focus the content. Common themes for prayer are:
    1. Petition: asking some favor or grace
    2. Adoration: expressing awe or wonder at the majesty of God
    3. Contrition: expressing sorrow for sin
    4. Thanksgiving: showing gratitude to God for His activity in the world
  3. You may want to focus your prayer on a particular activity in the regular life of a student. Some examples would be prayers to be said before or after class, a game, practice, a competition, playing music, eating, going to Mass, having a difficult conversation, going to confession, etc. Choose an activity in life that is meaningful to you, and speak to God in the midst of that struggle or joy.
  4. Pray before you write. Ask God what you should write about. Ask Him to guide you in composing a prayer for other students to use.

All prayer submissions are due on May 16, 2014. Prayers can be submitted online by completing the form below or in writing to the Campus Ministry office (Room 405) or to your theology teacher. A panel of faculty will review the prayers and the selections will be made over the summer for publication in the prayer book.