Bowlers Strike up Sixth Win with Victory Over Holy Cross, 22-5

Posted February 14, 2014 / Last updated February 14, 2014

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Junior Ben Ainsworth

Junior Ben Ainsworth

Jesuit bowling dominated Holy Cross to win, 22-5, bringing the Jays’ record to 6-0. A solid start gave the Blue Jays a chance to have all nine team members play two games each.

Starters junior Ben Ainsworth, junior Chris Ainsworth, sophomore Peyton Hidalgo, junior Brett Lorio, senior Andrew Prejean, and senior Chris Totaro established a 296-pin lead, winning all six head-to-hed matchups in the first game. After this lead, the Jays only needed two games to solidify the win.

Andrew Prejean bowled 202 and 244 game highs. Ben Ainsworth bowled a 227, Chris Totaro had a 224 and 213, and Peyton Hidalgo scored a 201.

With this advantage, the second string took advantage of the much needed playing time. Jumping off the bench to play were junior Stephen Browning, freshman Trevor Maggio, and junior Jared Ohle who bowled a 231.

The next bowling contest for the Jays is against district rival Rummel on Monday, Feb. 17. Jesuit handed Rummel a huge upset in their first match-up of the season.

Jesuit vs. Holy Cross

Roster # of Games Average Total Series Pins Wins This Series
Stephen Browning 2 134 269 2
Trevor Maggio 2 161 323 1
Jared Ohle 2 186 373 1
Brett Lorio 2 193 386 1
Peyton Hidalgo 2 183 367 2
Ben Ainsworth 2 187 375 1
Chris Ainsworth 2 192 384 2
Chris Totaro 2 218 437 1
Andrew Prejean 2 223 446 2