Blue Jays Enjoy Solid Performance in 2014 State Literary Rally

Posted April 11, 2014 / Last updated August 12, 2015

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Blue Jays participating in 2014 State Rally

2014 State Rally participants

Blue Jays enjoyed another solid performance in State Literary Rally held on LSU’s campus in Baton Rouge. This year, 18 students placed in the top of their events for Division I. They each will receive a medal and a certificate from the Louisiana High School Rally Association recognizing their accomplishments. New this year, Overall Winners will receive a $400 scholarship for a Louisiana college or university.

Jesuit competitors earned the following distinctions:

Overall 3 students
1st Place 6 students
2nd Place 3 students
3rd Place 5 students
5th Place 1 student
Superior 3 students

Jesuit sent 39 students overall to compete in the state rally’s literary and open events in foreign languages. Thirteen of these students competed in the MAθ Tournament the day before.

To participate in the state competition, students either qualified by finishing in the top five in a literary event at the District Literary Rally or were chosen by the academic department to represent the school in open foreign language events. Each student may test in no more than one State Rally Literary Event.

Event Grade First Last MAθ Place Overall
World Geography Freshman Samy Amkieh * 3rd
Computer Science I Senior Ian Calamari   2nd
Latin II Freshman Jack Cazabon   2nd
U.S. History Sophomore Andrew Cerise   1st
Latin I Pre-freshman Robert Cerise   3rd
French I Interpretive Reading Freshman Eric Espinal   Superior
Spanish III Junior Mitchell Falcon   1st Overall
Biology II Senior Reuben Hogan * 5th
Algebra II Sophomore John James * 1st Overall
French III Interpretive Reading Junior James Laborde   Superior
Psychology Senior Cameron Martinez   3rd
Introduction to Business Computer Applications Pre-freshman William Caleb Rogers   3rd
English II Freshman Keegan P Rooney   2nd
Fine Arts Survey Junior Gerard R Spencer   1st
Calculus Senior Sean Stephens * 1st
French III Junior Steven H Stradley * 1st  Overall
French I Freshman Jonathan P Vegh   3rd
Spanish IV Interpretive Reading Senior Richard Williams   Superior

Full State Rally Results

The Louisiana High School Rally Association (LHSRA) recognizes and rewards students who excel in academic pursuits.