At This Year’s Golf Classic, Blue Jays Slog Over a Cold, Wet English Turn, with Frequent Pit Stops for the Culinary Delights

Posted April 19, 2013 / Last updated February 18, 2014

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Not Even Elements of a Hostile Nature Can Dampen the Indomitable Spirit of Blue Jay Duffers

A cold front that brought thunderstorms to the area created tough conditions for the 170 golfers that came to play in the morning and afternoon flights at the annual Jesuit Golf Classic held Friday, April 19 at English Turn Golf & Country Club.

How tough were the conditions on the course?

Too tough for the almost 50 Jays who registered to play, but instead, decided to go to the office and work.

Still, there were 170 Blue Jays who believed in that old maxim about a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at the office, and braved off and on showers, a cold and biting north wind, those lousy three-putt greens — and at some point in the afternoon — even hail and locusts.

These stalwart duffers ignored the nusiances, obstacles, and distractions by making frequent, leisurely pit stops along the soggy course to experience ice cold raw oysters on the half shell, savory red beans & rice, and winter-busting duck and andouillie sausage gumbo that warmed hearts, all courtesy of Acme Oyster House. Drago’s grilled numerous sacks of oysters on the half shell, a delicacy much appreciated by golfers whose hands had become numb.

Golfers who played in the morning flight were treated to shrimp and grits, a delicacy served up by Sandy Duplantier and Michael Lavie, a pair of Blue Jays from the Class of 1980. In the morning, Galatoire’s served its famous shrimp remoulade on the back nine. In the afternoon, John Fitzpatrick ’86 personally served his famous grilled shrimp tacos. Both flights shared grilled burgers and chicken for lunch, courtesy of several alumni, including Blue Jays from the Classes of 1969, 1971, and 2006.

The winners of the 2nd Annual Blue Jay Class Champions’ Cup was a foursome from the Class of 1987: Faris Altikriti, Eddy Carreras, Brandon Kershaw, and Jay Martinez.