Wacky and Wilder Than Ever, Willy Wonka Projects a Wonkavision of Chocolate and Candy at Welcome Week

Posted August 26, 2013 / Last updated September 12, 2013

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Assembly_Welcome Week Kickoff_082613_116

Wonka congratulates the five holders of his Golden Tickets, from left, senior Patrick Doell, freshman Chad Eichhorn, pre-freshman Jordan Tufts, junior Trey LaForge, and sophomore John Kemmerly. The quintet of winners is worthy to receive all the candy they can eat during Welcome Week, courtesy of Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Welcome Week 2013 kicked off on Monday, August 26 with none other than Willy Wonka promising buckets of candy and chocolate to the five holders of his coveted Golden Tickets. Wonka’s Ooompa-Loompas secretly concealed five Golden Tickets in the pockets of unsuspecting Blue Jays, who had no idea how worthy they really were.

Once the five Jays were brought to Wonka’s Inventing Room inside his Chocolate Factory, they were bestowed rivers of chocolate, blue bubble gum, gobs of gobstoppers, and giant blueberries.

Blue Jays of all classes, from pre-freshmen to seniors, experienced a sugary sweet Welcome Week courtesy of Willy Wonka, and the Student Council.