Urban Farming Club Blooms with New Interest

Posted November 12, 2013 / Last updated November 12, 2013

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Back row, from left: Gavin Daigle '04, Cameron Guernsey, Jack Curran, Kyle Sullivan, Kyle Westholz, Tony Celano, Josh Talbot, Kevin Sullivan; Front row, from left: Taylor Anderson, Michael Hickey, Brett DiPuma

Back row from left: Gavin Daigle ’04, sophomore Cameron Guernsey, sophomore Jack Curran, sophomore Kyle Sullivan, sophomore Kyle Sullivan, sophomore Tony Celano, junior Josh Talbot,sophomore Kevin Sullivan; and front row from left: sophomore Taylor Anderson, sophomore Michael Hickey, and senior Brett Dipuma.

The Urban Farming Club, which began last school year, has returned to its garden grown beside the Alumni Service Corps house on the corner of Banks and Palmyra streets. The club is blooming with interest this year with 28 active members.

The garden was first planted last fall and harvested in the spring. After the summer months, the garden had to be reworked to get it ready for a fall crop.

The club’s initial work day started off with weeding the existing bed of soil. Once it was weeded, students re-worked the land and planted fall vegetables and flowers.