Taste Buds Find Much to Like on Carrollton’s Dining Row

Posted November 21, 2013 / Last updated January 17, 2014

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From The Blue Jay, Vol. 86, No. 2, November 2013

By Jack Hebert and Brendan Besh

After our long summer of off-time, where Jack explored the jungles of Costa Rica and Brendan danced on Copacabana Beach with the Pope, the Taste Buds are back! And we don’t have to go far from our neighborhood for a variety of exciting new dining options.

Felipe's Taqueria is just one of the new dining options right in the neighborhood. The Taste Buds have scoped out their favorite meals here, as well as at Panera Bread and Five Guys Burgers.

Felipe’s Taqueria is just one of the new dining options right in the neighborhood. The Taste Buds have scoped out their favorite meals here, as well as at Panera Bread and Five Guys Burgers.

The new shopping complex, just across Canal Street on Carrollton Avenue, is just four blocks away and includes several long-awaited new restaurants that caught us by surprise. One day will driving in the Besh-mobile, the Taste Buds saw with their own eyes a Five Guys burgers right next to a Felipe’s right next to a Panera Bread.

“By Jove!” we exclaimed, “new restaurants right by Jesuit!” Now to make things clear, we don’t usually stop at chain-restaurants, but we decided to make an exception due to the proximity and popularity of these new spots. So let’s dive into these restaurant locations one-by-one.

Five Guys

For those of you who have not been to the Elmwood or Covington location of this nationally acclaimed restaurant chain, the concept of Five Guys is very elementary: a juicy burger and a large cup of crispy fries. You know what you’re getting when you walk in and, oh man, is it satisfying!

The burgers are juicy and tender and when you ask for the burger “all the way” (including delicious grilled onions and mushrooms) it makes for the perfect bite. Along with a side of Cajun fries (spicy, but oh so delicious) this makes for the perfectly greasy meal. Their quality staff that focuses on excellent service and customer satisfaction will be glad to serve you every time you walk in. Nothing follows a great Jesuit win on a Friday night better then walking into Five Guys and being received like family. Our pick: A bacon cheeseburger all the way, with Cajun fries. Remember: Cajun fries!


The obvious strength with Panera is its large menu with tons of healthy and delicious foods for both morning and afternoon. We have gotten something different every time we have gone there. The drink selection also is very large and Panera has some of the best iced teas we’ve ever tasted at a chain restaurant.

With their variety of breads, favorite sandwiches have included the turkey, avocado, bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. The chicken Caesar salad also is a hit. All in all, a great chain with a great selection of healthy and tasty choices.


Felipe’s takes the concept of quick Mexican food and masters it. With its wide selection of meat, beans, salsas, and other toppings, Felipe’s focuses on customizing your burrito, taco, or nachos into what you feel would taste the best.

The best meat by far is the Tinga Chicken, a chicken that is soaked in a spicy tomato marinade before it is grilled to perfection. In one bite, you get that great savory taste of the tomato marinade with a spicy kick. Along with the savory refried beans and cool sour cream, the choice of a Super Burrito with Tinga Chicken, refried beans, rice, salsa verde, sour cream, and guacamole (which costs extra) is the perfect burrito one craves after an exhausting day at school.

As far as other menu items the house-made queso dip is particularly great with chorizo and pico de gallo on top.

Felipe’s is the best quick Mexican you can get anywhere in the city.

We hope you check out these new restaurants nearby and enjoy their convenience as much as we do! Tune in text time as we dive into some of the great dives of Uptown. Until then, stay hungry, Jesuit High School.