Parents and Blue Jays Driving to Jesuit Must Bank on Slowing for Banks Street Construction

Posted August 12, 2013 / Last updated August 12, 2013

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Construction crews from the City of New Orleans have been installing new  sewerage and drainage infrastructure along portions of Banks Street,  including the two blocks in front of Jesuit and Will Clark Field.

Construction crews from the City of New Orleans have been installing new sewerage and drainage infrastructure along portions of Banks Street, including the two blocks in front of Jesuit and Will Clark Field.

The city’s work crews have made great progress on a major construction project to upgrade the sewerage and drainage infrastructure along Banks Street in front of Jesuit High School and the surrounding neighborhood. However, the work is not yet completed and traffic delays should be anticipated as the new school year begins. Parents and students driving to school for the first week or two will encounter bumps and dips along the way, especially near the yard’s main entrance on Banks Street.

One lane is currently closed on both sides of Banks Street in the first two blocks (from Carrollton Avenue to S. Hennessy Street). No double parking will be allowed.

PLAN A will be in operation unless otherwise noted: Banks Street and the yard will be accessible at drop off and dismissal times, but give yourself an extra 10 minutes or so as traffic on Banks Street will be slower than normal. Parents should NOT enter the yard to pick up their sons any earlier than 2:50 p.m. The line of cars waiting to access the yard must not extend onto Banks Street. The only lane of traffic on Banks Street must remain open for through-traffic.

PLAN B will become operative ONLY IF Banks Street is closed at Carrollton Avenue or IF access to the yard is temporarily blocked by work crews. If Plan B is activated, it will be on the web site and drivers must be prepared to detour around the construction (and one-way streets) to the yard’s only other entrance and exit — along Palmyra Street, at S. Solomon Street between the field and the Chapel of the North American Martyrs. Be aware that Palmyra Street is ONE-WAY going towards Carrollton Avenue. A security guard will be stationed at the Palmyra gate. Please do not try to enter the yard via Palmyra IF the Banks Street entrance is open. Vehicles entering the yard from Banks Street must leave via the Palmyra gates.

Because of the possibility that vehicles might have to use the gates at Palmyra Street to enter and exit the Jesuit yard, there will be NO PARKING on either side of S. Solomon Street within the parameters of the school (from Banks to Palmyra). This no parking area will be set off by orange cones. Parents should also be aware that if PLAN B is triggered, the Palmyra gates will be used as an entrance as well as an exit and that S. Solomon is a two-way street inside Jesuit’s property. (Also keep in mind that the Banks Street driveway usually accommodates two-way traffic, so stay to your right at all times.)

REMINDER TO ALL PARENTS: As a matter of courtesy and to ensure the smooth flow of traffic while dropping off or picking up your sons, parents should drive PAST the Traditions Courtyard and stop where the school buses are parked. This allows for more cars to squeeze into the yard. If you are first in line to pick up, do not park directly in front of the Courtyard. You will be directed to move forward to where the buses are parked. If you are dropping off, do not allow your sons to exit the car at any point before the small chapel. They must wait until you have driven past the small chapel.

REMINDER TO ALL SENIORS: Limited parking will be allowed on a first-come, first-served basis in the Banks Street parking lot that is adjacent to the Louis J. Roussel, Jr. Physical Education Building. Seniors must park only in the spaces that face S. Solomon Street. Seniors will not be able to park in the section of the central area of the lot until further notice.

REMINDER TO ALL DRIVERS: Drive slowly and cautiously. Be considerate of our neighbors in the immediate Mid-City area and do not park your cars mere inches from private driveways or corners. The city has been known to ticket illegally parked cars (and even booted a few as well). Give our neighbors their space. That might mean parking a little further away and walking three or four blocks to school.

Be courteous. Be patient. Be smart.