NHS Selected to Join Newly-Formed Student Council Cabinet

Posted October 2, 2013 / Last updated August 8, 2014

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by Reuben Hogan, National Honor Society Executive Aide

As the National Honor Society sought to begin the school year on the right foot, the Executive Board convened during the summer to discuss and discern what the National Honor Society’s role would be in the changing environment of Jesuit High School. One area that the NHS decided to expand into was the new addition of the Student Council Cabinet. Only thirty extracurricular organizations will have the opportunity to be represented in the Cabinet, and the NHS was respected as one of the most recognized extracurriculars to receive this honor. The Cabinet’s purpose is to increase communication and collaboration among extracurricular organizations on Jesuit’s campus; and in its opening year, the Cabinet was challenged with the advancement of three goals: unity, diversity, and service. The Cabinet will to strive to incorporate each one of these goals into Jesuit culture. The National Honor Society has decided to especially shoulder the development of service as a part of the Jesuit identity since service is also one of the four pillars from which the National Honor Society takes its own identity. The NHS is excited to continue working as one of the foundational institutions of the school and is looking forward to the 2013-2014 school year.