Lacrosse Suffers Loss to St. Paul’s (4-5) in Hard-Fought Match

Posted February 17, 2013 / Last updated December 9, 2013

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DSC_2649-featIn the last game of the Collegiate All State Sugar Bowl Lacrosse Classic, Jesuit and St. Paul’s were showcased as a rematch of the May 2012 state championship game, which saw Jesuit capture the state title.

In this hard fought match, Jesuit scored first to then be matched by St Paul’s. St. Paul’s put up one more point to make it 2-1, but Jesuit answered to tie it up, 2-2. This was repeated with Jesuit and St. Paul’s at 3-3. In the fourth quarter, Jesuit jumped up to 4-3, only be answered by St. Paul’s scoring a matching goal late in the game, which sent the two power house teams into overtime – a sudden death situation. Late in the overtime quarter (a shorter 4 minute round), St. Paul’s achieved a fast break resulting in a score, thus winning the game