Jesuit Cheerleaders Featured in WWL’s “How It’s Done” Series

Posted September 23, 2013 / Last updated September 27, 2013

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2013-2014 Jesuit Cheerleading Squad

2013-2014 Jesuit Cheerleading Squad

WWL-TV and are offering a peek behind the pom-poms of Blue Jay Spirit. The 2013-2014 Jesuit cheerleading squad, consisting of 11 Blue Jays and 17 girls from Catholic schools across the metro area, is this latest focus of WWL’s vignette series, “How It’s Done.” Bro. William Dardis, S.J. ’58, who has been moderating the Jesuit cheerleading program since 1976, serves as narrator of the three-minute feature.

Prior to 1976, only boys could serve as cheerleaders at Jesuit. “Several years after I took over the program, Fr. Harry Tompson, S.J., who was principal at Carrollton and Banks at the time, told me he wanted me in charge because he knew how many nieces I had,” Bro. Dardis said. “Fr. Tompson knew I would take the responsibility seriously and I have for more almost 40 years.”

The piece was produced by WWL’s Chad Bower, a 2004 Jesuit alumnus.



WWLTV Highlights “How It’s Done: Jesuit Cheerleading”