Fossil Excavation Fuels More Homecoming Week Fun

Posted October 24, 2013 / Last updated October 28, 2013

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Senior Efosa Eboigbe digs blindly for this dinosaur in the Fossil Excavation which was Thursday's Homecoming Week activity.

Senior Efosa Eboigbe digs blindly for this dinosaur in the Fossil Excavation during Thursday’s Homecoming Week activity.

Blue Jays competed in a wild and chaotic Fossil Excavation in Traditions Courtyard on Thursday, Oct. 24, as part of the continuing Jurassic Park-themed Homecoming Week activities this week, coordinated by the Student Council.

Senior Jorge Abadin emceed the event calling on two teams to blindly dig  through a pool of mulch to find five baby dinosaurs. The teams then had to draw (also blindly) a dinosaur on a white board to be judged by a panel of resident faux-dino whiteboard-drawing experts: senior Cullen Walsh, junior Ryan Roberts, and Mr. Taylor Bacques.

Teams playing in the contest were: pre-freshmen Benton Moore and Matthew Latham, pre-freshmen Andrew Gruntz and Seth Rocha, sophomore Paul Gelpi and pre-freshman Zack Young, seniors Efosa Eboigbe and James Licciardi, and sophomores John Nimmo and Felix Rabito.

The teams played as the “kind leading the blind” − the digger was blindfolded while his classmate guided the excavation. The teams avoided decoy items like skulls, trees, femurs, and ribs. For the drawing contest, the digger became the guide while his partner was blindfolded to impress the judges with his drawing abilities.

While the pre-freshmen team of Benton Moore and Matthew Latham took an early lead, in the end the senior team won the contest with a purple T-Rex drawing which delighted the crowd and two out of three judges.

The next Homecoming activity, Dino Senior-Faculty Football, will be on Friday followed by a pep rally in the gym.

Homecoming Week concludes when the Blue Jays face the Rummel Raiders at Tad Gormley Stadium on Friday, Oct. 25 at 7:30 p.m.