Bye-Bye, Blue Jay, 2001 Alumnus Exits Jeopardy! with $50,000

Posted October 21, 2013 / Last updated October 24, 2013

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Alex Trebek and Stuart Anderson '01

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek with Stuart Anderson ’01

Captain Stuart Anderson’s profitable run on Jeopardy! ended on Friday, Oct. 18. He exited the show with a four-game total of $50,601 (before taxes).

“I really enjoyed watching Stuart and I’m very proud of how well he competed,” said Mr. Ron Rossi, who taught Anderson ’01 and coached him on the Blue Jay quiz bowl team.

In his final contest, Anderson ’01 faced a student/writer from Maryland and a contractor foreman from Illinois. The Air Force captain would have won Friday’s game if he knew just a tad more about cars or the Beach Boys.

Heading into Final Jeopardy! the student from Maryland was in first with $9,600 — $2,000 ahead of Anderson and the foreman. Unfortunately, Anderson didn’t know the name of the car that was “introduced as a 2-seater, celebrated in song, and was Motor Trend’s car of the year in 1958, 1987, 1989, and 2002.” Neither our Blue Jay nor his opponents guessed “T-Bird.” Anderson bet it all, leaving him with nothing. Based on amounts wagered, the foreman “drove” away a winner.

“For the record I wouldn’t have gotten T-Bird either,” said Rossi, who still teaches social studies and continues to coach Jesuit’s quiz bowl team.

Anderson is a military attorney (JAG) currently stationed in Italy. During his days at Carrollton and Banks, he helped the Blue Jay quiz bowl team win three divisional titles and a state championship.

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