2013 Big “J” Read Spurs Discussion of History, Morals, and Personal Growth

Posted August 27, 2013 / Last updated September 4, 2013

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Senior Alex Scalco reads an excerpt from A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines during the Big “J” Read assembly on Aug. 27, 2013.

This year’s Big “J” Read was a true community reading experience, focusing on a single book, A Lesson Before Dying, a modern classic by acclaimed Louisiana writer Ernest J. Gaines.

More than 500 students who read the book participated in Big “J” Read sessions at the start of the day on Tuesday, August 27. Students joined their classmates in various classrooms to take a brief assessment indicating that they read the novel to earn extra credit in English, Social Studies, Theology, or Fine Arts.

Following the assessment, faculty moderators kicked off discussion period by showing a brief video interview with Mr. Gaines. Following the video, students and faculty took time to share their thoughts and reactions to the book. The 2013 Big “J” Read was co-chaired by Mr. Obi Ortega and Mr. Ted Mahne.