Summer Enrichment

For some new students, admission into Jesuit High School is contingent upon successful completion of the summer enrichment program. The program is intended to help new students improve skills in English and/or math to be as successful as possible at Jesuit. In addition to strengthening academic skills, the program allows new students to meet new friends and become familiar with Jesuit’s campus. Registration for enrichment is now available online (Click Here to register). 

Classes for summer 2020 begin on Monday, June 1 and conclude on Friday, June 26.

Families will receive a mailing in March with the dress code, daily regulations, a tentative schedule, and information about fees. Final schedules will be emailed in May.


Each class meets daily for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Being late for class will affect attendance – two tardies will equal an absence. In the event of an absence, any missed work is to be made up. If a student misses more than three days, it may jeopardize his enrollment in the fall semester.


During the program, a grade report will be sent to parents indicating their son’s level of mastery of the basic skills studied during the previous grading period. These grades will NOT be part of any student’s permanent record at Jesuit.

The Jesuit grading scale is: A = 90-100; B = 82-89; C =75-81; D = 70-74; F = 69>. Reports will be emailed at the end of each grading period. There are four grading periods in summer school. Progress reports may also be sent by the instructors as needed using the Canvas on-line grading program.

Program Staff

The instructors for the program are members of the Jesuit Faculty. In addition, a Guidance Counselor is available daily. 


The fee for summer enrichment courses is $300 per class.  All fees must be paid prior to the start of classes on June 1, 2020. The fees may not be financed and are required to be paid upfront and online.

Fees can be paid at the First Bank and Trust portal for Jesuit. Step by step instructions for completing payment can be found on the First Bank and Trust portal instructions page.

Questions about the summer enrichment program should be directed to Mr. Michael Begg at (504) 486-6631 or

Summer Enrichment Registration

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