Used Book Sale

JMR_1464Organized each year by parent volunteers, the used book sale affords an opportunity for students and their families to sell their used text books and save money on books for next school year. Participation in this book sale is strictly voluntary. All books may be purchased from the school during class-level book sales in early August on the third floor. The date is announced annually. Check the calendar for details.

Used Book Sale volunteers and Jesuit High School are not responsible for any checks/books that may be lost or misplaced.

Used Book Drop-off Procedure

A volunteer will be available to accept used books at the end of the prior semester and a day before the sale date.

An envelope with the following printed information must be included in each book that is dropped off for sale:

  • Name of book (Algebra I, etc.)
  • Name of student
  • Phone number of student

Each book turned in should have the student’s name printed inside the book to help keep the proper book matched to the proper envelope.

Books that will not be accepted for sale:

  • Workbooks
  • SAT books; PSAT, ACT, SAT prep course books
  • Writing Handbook
  • State books
Donate Used Uniforms and Paperback Novels

Volunteers will also accept donations of used uniforms and paperback novels used in Jesuit’s English classes (for example: The Merchant, Beowulf, April Mornings, Lords of Discipline, Number the Stars). Used uniforms and paperbacks should be in good condition and able to be reused. Donated uniforms and paperbacks will be sold at the Used Book Sale in August. Remember: this is a donation. Do not include an envelope as students will not receive a check for the sale of any novel.

Used Book Sale Procedures

The sale of non-state textbooks will be held in early August. Books will be priced at 50% off the original cost of book.

You will need the student book list to purchase books. If you did not receive the list in the mail, a duplicate list will be available at the book sale.

You do not need to come to the used book sale for state books. State books are marked on the book list and will be posted the day of the sale.

Payment is made by check only – a separate check must be made for each book purchased. Checks must be made out to “Cash.” A cashier will place checks directly into envelopes. Please do not put your payment in envelope until a cashier has verified the payment.

Pick-Up Days for Money

The day after the sale:  9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The first full week of school:  Principal’s office (Room 235) during school hours.  All money not picked up by Friday of the first full week of school will become the property of Jesuit.

Pick-Up Date for Unsold Books

Unsold books will be available for pick-up on the day after the Used Book Sale. Books not picked up on this day will become the property of the school.

If you have questions about the book sale, please contact Christine Zazulak at