Alma Mater Awards Luncheon

The Alma Mater Awards honor our volunteer mothers of alumni who have made extraordinary contributions of time and talent to Jesuit High School. In addition to recognizing the important contributions of mothers, the Alma Mater Awards Luncheon promotes Blue Jay camaraderie among the mothers of current students and the mothers of alumni.

The event was put on hold after Hurricane Katrina as Fr. Anthony McGinn, S.J., who was president at the time, and many others worked tirelessly to reopen our school at Carrollton and Banks. Thanks to the efforts and generosity of many people in achieving this goal, the Alma Mater Award luncheon resumed in the fall of the 2013-2014 school year.

2017 Alma Mater Award Committee

Alice Baudier
Marianne M. Call
Ann Colfry
Nancy Colomb
Denise L. Currault
Janis D. deVerges
Jeanie Favret
Suzette B. Herpich
Indie B. McKay
Karen Pilié
Darlene P. Robért
Linda Z. Tufton
Julie Vanderbrook
Sheila A. Vocke
Sharon Wilde
Cindy S. Wooderson

Recipients of the Alma Mater Award


Ellen Frischhertz
Marian Gibbs
Andrea Legrand
Karen Matthews


Anne Barnes
Marsha Cropper
Rhonda Eckholdt
Joan Gogreve



Jeanie Favret
Gisele Prados
Darlene Robért
Ana Tumminello


Ann Colfry
Jeanne Dufour
Debbie Junot
Gail Veters


Linda Armantrout
Debra Garrity
Phyllis Kitchen
Charlene Taranto †


Bay Fleming †
Patricia Cox
Sheryn Finnan
Peggy Miner
Terri Vanderbrook


Lee Baraldi
Mary Ann Ciravolo †
Ida Danjean
Cynthia Harlan
Jackie Hughes


Patricia Gillen
Janet Larue
Jean McEvoy †
Pat Quinlan
Beverly Reuther


Kay Berrigan
Donna Booth
Janis Gordon
Kathy Hayes
Sandra Henry


Tudie Dupre †
Pam Gibbs
Connie Kitchen
Rita Legrand
Mary Ann Valentino


Jeanne Colon
Mary Lynn Currier †
Patricia Hotard
Peggy Tonti


Annette Francingues
Janet Frischhertz
Kathleen McGregor
Debbie Simeon


Quintella Cola
Sally Duplantier
Sandy LaCour
Julie Vanderbrook


Geanie Cuntz
Marilyn Dittmann
Charleen Morris


Mary Jane Becker
Lynn Mann
Jane McMahon
Peggy Parenton †
Olga Rome


Cherylynn Abercrombie
Karla Aucoin
Paula Hardin
Linda Moran