Brother Dardis Fishing Rodeo Catches Record Attendance

Posted June 18, 2024 / Last updated July 8, 2024

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The 2024 Brother Dardis Fishing Rodeo brought together anglers and Blue Jay fishing enthusiasts for a day filled with camaraderie and friendly competition. After taking place at John Ryan Stadium for a number of years, the event moved back to Carrollton & Banks this year.

Under sunny skies and perfect fishing conditions, participants gathered for the weigh-in festivities. Many sported the event’s official long-sleeved camouflage print rodeo shirt, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. Highlights of the day included a rubber mullet toss for younger attendees, refreshing snowballs from Kona Ice, and Jayson making rounds across campus. Max Gruenig ’06 and his team cooked delicious fish plates on site, and the Blue Jay Shop was open for those looking to purchase blue and white merchandise.

Jesuit extends its sincere appreciation to Brian Bent ’89 and Greg Bent of Bent’s RV and Bent Marine for their generous presenting sponsorship and for showcasing their impressive RVs and boats. Special thanks to all of our sponsors and in-kind donors. Their support was instrumental in the success of this year’s rodeo.

Two grand prizes were awarded. The first was a fishing trip for four with Capt. Evan Hatrel ’17 and Fish Commander, underwritten by Edward Jones, awarded to Hunter Maher ’18 in the adult age group. The second grand prize was a fishing trip for three with Capt. Dudley Vandenborre, given to pre-freshman Sean Weiss in the 18-and-under group.

The date for next year’s rodeo is already set. Fishers should mark their calendars for May 31, 2025.

DIVISION 1 (ADULTS 19 & older)

Speckled Trout (1st Place)Danny Maher3.9
Speckled Trout (2nd Place)Ryan Goote ’913.2
Speckled Trout (3rd Place)Kenny Prados ’742.6
Redfish (1st Place)Rick Kuebel ’827.75
Redfish (2nd Place)Jake Kuebel ’187.6
Redfish (3rd Place)Cameron Martin ’247.0
Red Snapper (1st Place)Joe Piacun ’9015.3
Red Snapper (2nd Place)Chris Piacun ’9314.5
Red Snapper (3rd Place)Grant Piacun ’2313.1
Sheepshead (1st Place)Michael McMahon ’156.16
Sheepshead (2nd Place)Bennett Luke4.7
Sheepshead (3rd Place)Angelo Schiro4.55
Black Drum (1st Place)Kelly Burke ’947.9
Black Drum (2nd Place)Mark Campo4.8
Black Drum (3rd Place)Cameron Martin ’244.3
Flounder (1st Place)Kenny Prados ’741.75
Flounder (2nd Place)Kenny Prados ’741.6
Flounder (3rd Place)Ed Perrin ’201.35
Bass (1st Place)Will Dagenhart.25
Bass (2nd Place)No entry—-
Bass (3rd Place)No entry—-
Freshwater Catfish (1st Place)Cameron Martin ’247.4
Freshwater Catfish (2nd Place)Cameron Martin ’247.2
Freshwater Catfish (3rd Place)Kerry Redmann ’726.6


Speckled Trout (1st Place)Sean Maher3.1
Speckled Trout (2nd Place)Sean Maher2.75
Speckled Trout (3rd Place)William Fernandez2.6
Redfish (1st Place)Jake Troutman8.80
Redfish (2nd Place)Avery Hughes8.0
Redfish (3rd Place)RJ Wooderson7.75
Red Snapper (1st Place)Lillian Stouder16.45
Red Snapper (2nd Place)Hayes Rowd14.75
Red Snapper (3rd Place)Palmer Piacun14.5
Sheepshead (1st Place)Griffin Vorhaben6.15
Sheepshead (2nd Place)Henry Cullotta6.1
Sheepshead (3rd Place)No entry—-
Black Drum (1st Place)Nate Abercrombie5.95
Black Drum (2nd Place)Cooper Rongey5.25
Black Drum (3rd Place)Joseph Campo5.0
Flounder (1st Place)Martin Breaux1.5
Flounder (2nd Place)William Fernandez1.25
Flounder (3rd Place)Jospeh Campo1.15
Bass (1st Place)Tristan Rude1.85
Bass (2nd Place)William Degenhart1.65
Bass (3rd Place)Tristan Rude1.85
Freshwater Catfish (1st Place)Daniel Trahant 12.45
Freshwater Catfish (2nd Place)Alex Dagenhart3.35
Freshwater Catfish (3rd Place)Michael Blanchard2.85

DIVISIONS 3, 4, & 5

BIGGEST FISH Finn Luke (Gar)81.20
FATHER-DAUGHTER (1st Place)Lillian Stouder (Swordfish)80.20