Vincent “Joe” Liberto ’22 Leads at LSU

Posted April 11, 2024 / Last updated April 17, 2024

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Vincent “Joe” Liberto ’22, a sophomore at Louisiana State University (LSU) majoring in International Trade and Finance, has been elected Student Government President. Alongside his running mate, Amelia Carman, Liberto campaigned under the banner of representing the “average joe.” Neither Liberto nor Carman had prior experience in student government, yet their platform emphasized bringing “fresh faces and different perspectives” to embody the interests of the campus community. The president and vice-president elects intend to invoke change for the academic scheduling system, Red Zone awareness, fluid parking passes, and peer mentorship with the help of student-led input.

Every once in a while, a student comes along with so much passion, enthusiasm, and overall school spirit that you think to yourself, “Man, that kid was born for Student Council.” Joseph harnesses “Blue Jay Spirit” each and every day to improve morale during a year that needed it more than ever.

Justin Genovese, Student Council Moderator

At Jesuit, Liberto demonstrated his aptitude for leadership, actively participating in the student council among other co-curricular activities and concluding his time as the student council president. Beyond his academic pursuits at LSU, Liberto serves as the philanthropy chair of the Kappa Sigma fraternity and holds a position on the executive board for the nonprofit organization, Hams for Fams.

Jesuit taught me that leadership means service to other people, and service is truly a great joy, especially when tied to the Spirit. 

Matthew Perschall

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