Mu Alpha Theta Finds the Formula to Win State

Posted April 10, 2024 / Last updated April 16, 2024

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For the second time in three years, Jesuit’s Mu Alpha Theta clinched a state championship, outperforming some of Louisiana’s toughest opponents at the annual Mu Alpha Theta State Convention in Baton Rouge. The team of 84 members, led by Kate Brauner and Kelly Lulich, showcased their strategic acumen and depth of roster, besting 27 competing schools — roughly 727 students.

The convention’s competitive events include area tests, individual tests, games, and an interschool test.

Area Test Results

Freshman Isaac Orillion took 4th place on the Geometry Area Test. Sophomore Ben Evans placed 6th, sophomore Elijah Perrien placed 7th, sophomore Jonathan Brockhoff placed 13th, and junior William Beatty came in 16th on the Algebra II Area Test. Junior Ethan Lapeze placed 7th in Advanced Math and junior Eli Lagraize scored 8th on the Trigonometry Test. Senior Dylan Patel ranked 2nd in the Calculus AB-Integration test. Seniors Noah St. Germain, Will Patrias, and Diego Fernandez placed 2nd, 8th, and 11th respectively in the Calculus AB-Differentiation test. Senior Pete Metzinger ranked 4th while senior David Paul pulled 5th in the Calculus BC area test.

Individual Test Results

Gus Goudelocke finished 1st place in Geometry. Arthur Meade placed 2nd in Algebra II. Samuel Schlafer ranked 5th on the Precalculus Test. Preston Kuehne placed 5th and David Paul 10th in Calculus BC. William Bellot came in 2nd on the Scholarship Test.

For the Algebra II Test, sophomores Will Berry earned 19th, Andrew Frey 16th, Will Stackpole 15th, Ben Farmer 7th, James Denning 6th, and Derek Moore 5th while junior Kaleb Trombley ranked 14th.

For the Precalculus Test, juniors contributed to defeating the competition with taking Salvatore Esola in 24th, Eli LaGraize in 22nd, Jackson Sober in 21st, Nathan Flynn in 17th, Andrew Duncan in 14th, and Carter Jennings in 11th.

The Geometry Individual Test:

  • 1st place, Gus Goudelocke
  • 4th place, Connor Bussey
  • 5th place, Grady Miles
  • 8th place, Tristan Alonso
  • 12th place, Brady Crowson
  • 14th place, Leon Edmond

Games Results

Each of the four different game types included three rounds of play, and Jesuit went on to rank in the top ten teams of each game.

In “Descartes,” junior Aidan Wang took 1st place in Precalculus, and senior Raahil Rab took 2nd in Calculus AB. Sophomores Harrison Evans and Zachary Lagraize took 4th and 5th in Algebra II.

In “Hustle,” the team composed of sophomore Austin Indest, sophomore Henry Lackey, junior Brayden Laurent, and senior Brady Luminas earned 5th place.

In “Gemini,” the Calculus BC team of seniors Charlie Varisco and Parker Alig took 4th place; the Precalculus team of senior Kacey Cognevich and junior Salvatore Esola took 3rd while senior Jonathan Jordan and junior Cole Maestri finished in 2nd place; two Algebra II team of sophomores Jonathan Brockhoff and Elijah Perrien took 6th alongside sophomores Peyton Bouchon and Will Berry who claimed 4th place; and the Geometry team of freshmen Gus Goudelocke and Leon Edmond earned 1st place.

Ciphering Results

In Math Bowl Finals, Jesuit outnumbered the competition again by ranking in the top ten teams at every level of competition:  

  • The Calculus BC team of seniors Preston Kuehne, William Bellott, David Paul, and Pete Metzinger took 6th place.
  • The Precalculus team of juniors Andrew Duncan, Samuel Schlafer, Carter Jennings, and Jackson Sober took 1st place.
  • The Precalculus team of juniors Armaan Islam, Ali Alsherees, Evans Wise, and Rishab Prabhu took 4th place.
  • The Precalculus team of juniors Nathan Flynn, Ethan Lapeze, Travis Fish, and Peter Connolly took 6th place.
  • The Algebra II team sophomore James Denning, sophomore Derek Moore, freshman Arthur Meade, and sophomore Ben Farmer took 2nd place.
  • The Algebra II team sophomore Ethan Nguyen, junior Kaleb Trombley, sophomore Andrew Frey, and sophomore Will Stackpole took 3rd place.
  • The Algebra II team of sophomores Ben Evans, Everett Kramer, Cullen Morris, and David Prouet took 8th place.
  • The Geometry team of freshmen Tristan Alonso, Mason McMenis, Grady Miles, and Connor Bussey took 1st place.

Freshman Connor Bussey took Top Cipherer for Geometry and sophomore Ben Farmer for Algebra II.

Interschool Test

On the interschool test, Algebra II students worked together to place 1st in the Theta Division for the weekend. In the Alpha Division, Precalculus students came in 1st place. For the Mu Division, Calculus students came in 4th place.

Special thanks to teachers, moderators, and chaperones — Kate Brauner, Kelly Lulich, Leslie Merritt, Paul Rogers, Yvonne Leger, Michael Armelin, Kevin Yokum, Matt Firmin, and Marc Gittings — for preparing these young men for the competitions and chaperoning the tournaments.