Celebrating Devotion: Jesuit Honors Foursome with Alma Mater Awards at Annual Mothers’ Luncheon

Posted January 24, 2024 / Last updated February 6, 2024

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The honorees —(left to right) Christine Zazulak, Sueann North, Kelley Moreau, and Stacy Helm

On the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 23, the Metairie Country Club set the scene for a special gathering as Fr. John Brown, S.J., school president, graciously presented the Alma Mater Award to four esteemed women: Stacy Helm, Kelley Moreau, Sueann North, and Christine Zazulak. Initiated in 1992, this prestigious award celebrates the invaluable volunteer efforts of Blue Jay mothers whose dedication has significantly advanced Jesuit High School. Guests at the pre-lunch patron party enjoyed the harmonious music of Roberto Matthews ’96, which added a special touch to the celebration. The luncheon that followed provided a delightful opportunity for mothers to enjoy one another’s company. The Jesuit Mothers’ Luncheon, which saw over 250 moms in attendance, serves as a testament to the vital role that both past and present mothers play within our community. The celebrated honorees, recognized for their exceptional contributions, have left a lasting imprint on the school’s culture and ethos.

Special thanks are extended to event chair, Gabriela Thompson, and co-chair, Jeanie Favret, for a wonderful luncheon.


Honoree Bios

Stacy Helm

Mother of Ryan’13, Justin ’15, Cameron ’19, & Braden ‘23

As the Football Team Mom for all four of her sons, Stacy was instrumental in implementing new traditions with team meals, tailgates, and providing Gatorade and food to players after the games. She prioritized the needs of the boys, ensuring everyone, including managers and coaching staff, felt included.

Stacy has been a mother to many more than four Jesuit graduates. She serves with a kind, loving, and selfless heart. She continues to offer her help to the new football moms even though her youngest child graduated from Jesuit last year.

Stacy was also a long-time Bazaar Booth Chair and volunteer at the Football Booth and a supporter of Celebration. 

When asked about how their mother’s volunteer work impacted them when they were students at Jesuit and how it still impacts them today, Stacy’s sons replied with enthusiasm. Ryan said this about his mother, “My mom’s level of involvement during my school years instilled a degree of strength in myself that I’m not sure I truly appreciated until later in life.” Justin “noticed and appreciated how much work and effort goes into the role of Team Mom after I had graduated and she was continuing her role for my little brothers.” Cameron said, his “Mom is the biggest team player I’ve ever been around. She is extremely selfless and would do whatever it would take to make my teammates and me happy!” And Braden shared, “I love you mom, and I am so proud of what you have accomplished. You have inspired me, and I am extremely happy for you. I could not be luckier to call someone like you my mom.”

Kelley Moreau

Mother of William Good ’23 & Stepmother of Foster Moreau ‘15

Always volunteering with a smile on her face and a kind word to fellow volunteers, Kelley served on the Celebration auction committee, chaired the auction, and chaired Celebration. Kelley also volunteered at the Bazaar and was a member of the Bazaar auction committee. Kelley continues to volunteer as a member of the Mothers’ Luncheon committee. 

As the mother of a baseball player, she volunteered for 5 years and was the Baseball Team Momduring William’s Junior and Senior years.

Kelley also created the Brother Dardis “Wall of Fame,” which displays a painting of Brother Dardis and pictures of Brother Dardis throughout the years.

Kelley’s son William said this about his mother, “My mother’s unwavering commitment to volunteerism has left a permanent mark on my life. She has shaped my values and perspective in profound ways. While at Jesuit, I witnessed her selfless dedication to various community causes, or organizing fundraisers at Jesuit. Growing up in an environment that stressed the importance of compassion and community engagement, she has encouraged me to seek opportunities to contribute positively to society. My mother’s volunteerism has not only shaped my character but has also taught me the impact one person can have on the world, encouraging a sense of responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Sueann North

Mother of Will ‘13

Sueann dedicated many years of service as a volunteer at Jesuit. Her contributions to the Bazaar included working on the Raffle Committee and cooking Onion Mums with Br. Dardis and Jeanie Favret at the Bazaar.

In addition to the Bazaar, Sueann worked with the Used Book Sale at the beginning of the school year and prayed for the Jesuit Community at the Weekly Mothers’ Rosary. 

As a parent volunteer, Sueann provided refreshments for the Blue Jay Baseball Team during her son’s years on the team. A great memory Sueann has of her time supporting the baseball team was when Jesuit’s American Legion Team won the World Series title, an event marked by Br. Dardis dancing in the stands in celebration of this victory! 

Even though her son Will graduated from Jesuit more than ten years ago, Sueann continues to attend and support many Jesuit events.

When asked about his mother’s volunteer work, Will said, “Our mother, Sueann, has such a big heart. She is extremely thoughtful and generous with her time. She does many small deeds with such great love and takes comfort in knowing people around her are happy and loved. We are blessed to be loved by her, and to love her.”

Christine Zazulak

Mother of John ’11, Robert ’15, David ’16, Stephen ’19 & Philip ‘23

Christine was an active volunteer who contributed her time and talent in various roles for over 17 years while her sons attended Jesuit. 

As the mother of five Jesuit alumni, Christine brought volunteers together to work on many events at Jesuit High School. As a long-time chair of the Refreshment Committee, she led a group of hard-working volunteers and ensured that Jesuit guests were never hungry or thirsty at many events including Grandparents’ Day and Open House. 

Christine prayed with the Mothers’ Rosary Group and was an Adorer for many years. Her additional roles included chairing the Gumball Booth at the Bazaar, and managing the Used Book Sale.

She was involved with Celebration serving as an auction committee chair, patron party chair, and Celebration chair. 

Christine’s sons reflected on their mother’s volunteer work at Jesuit High School. John said, “My mom has given many years of service to Jesuit. Even though she won’t admit it, she deserves every bit of praise for her dedication to serving Jesuit High School. Robert’s comment was ”My mom has always embodied the meaning of Service to Others and continues to demonstrate this every day of her life.” Stephen’s response was, ”My mother raised five boys and still found the time to volunteer wherever Jesuit needed her.” Philip said “Whenever my mother was asked to volunteer for something for Jesuit, she would not hesitate to say yes.” And David said his mom made such a positive impact on the community and “really showed us what it means to give back and help out. Congrats on the award, Mom! You deserve it.”