Announcements for Monday, October 16, 2023

Posted October 15, 2023 / Last updated October 15, 2023

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Today is Monday, October 16, 2023

First Quarter Exam Schedule

  • Today’s exams are Social Studies, Study Skills, French, Greek, and Spanish. Tomorrow’s exams are Theology and Science.
  • Students should not be in the hallways during the exam period or between exam periods.  Once you complete your exam you should exit the hallways quietly.  You may remain in the Commons, Resource Center, or the yard during this time.
  • Upon arrival at campus, students are required to place their cellphones in the off mode in their lockers. When finished with exams for the day, students may retrieve their cellphones and turn them on once they leave the school building.  A student may never use his phone in the school building.  
  • PH will be held in Room 231 on Thursday; it will begin after the first exam and will continue as long as is necessary for justice to be served.
  • All seniors who have finished their service project and essay are reminded that Senior Service Project Reflections will be Wednesday after their final exam of the day. All students completed their service project and essay must attend. Check rosters in first floor classrooms and on Canvas to find your group’s room and time.