Blue Jay Dads Kick Off the Year Together

Posted September 8, 2023 / Last updated September 15, 2023

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In pursuit of God’s greater glory, Jesuit considers families to be important partners alongside teachers and coaches in developing Blue Jays into the men they were made to be. To help build and maintain bonds among Blue Jay parents, the academic year has many events for parents to spend time together on and off of campus.

Jesuit fathers gathered last night for the Blue Jay Dads’ Tailgate, which occurs on the day of the NFL season opener each fall. The evening was a great opportunity for dads to meet or catch up with each other, connect with many of Jesuit’s coaches, and enjoy an outstanding meal from Central City BBQ.

Also in attendance were many of the Jesuit’s priests and scholastics and school leadership including Peter Kernion ’90, Jesuit’s principal.