Hook, Line, and Sinker: Brother Dardis Fishing Rodeo a Reel Success

Posted July 25, 2023 / Last updated August 11, 2023

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Families gathered at the 2023 Brother Dardis Fishing Rodeo at John Ryan Stadium on June 17, 2023, to weigh their catch, enjoy cold drinks, and indulge in delicious seafood. Despite the heat of the day, participants were able to cool off with refreshing snowballs. Additionally, the Jesuit Blue Jay Shop proudly displayed and sold spirit items under their own shaded tent. Jesuit extends its sincere appreciation to Brian Bent ’89 and Greg Bent of Bent’s RV and Bent Marine for their generous presenting sponsorship and for showcasing their impressive RVs and boats.

Before Mike McMahon ’85 announced the winners and handed out plaques and trophies, Jesuit President Fr. John Brown, S.J. led a prayer to commence the presentation. Committee member Jude Trahant ’80 introduced Msgr. Christopher Nalty ’80 who entertained the crowd with the Parable of the Megalodon. The fishing rodeo results can be viewed below.

Jacob Howat ’25 was the lucky winner of the grand raffle prize– a fishing trip for four with Capt. Evan Hatrel ’17 and Fish Commander– underwritten by Edward Jones. Campbell Levy ’28 won the second grand prize– a fishing trip for three with Capt. Dudley Vandenborre. Chris Puckett ’23 won the IGLOO Trail Mate 70-quart cooler filled with Jesuit items (IGLOO cooler donated by Augie Leopold ’61 Promotional Products).

In addition to savoring a delicious seafood meal prepared by Max Gruenig ’06 and his team, every registrant received a ditty bag packed with the new Jesuit Fishing Rodeo shirt.


Speckled Trout (1st Place)Fr. Kramer, S.J.3.15
Speckled Trout (2nd Place)Ryan Goote ‘2.95
Speckled Trout (3rd Place)Kevin Prados2.85
Redfish (1st Place)No Entry—-
Redfish (2nd Place)No Entry—-
Redfish (3rd Place)No Entry—-
Red Snapper (1st Place)David Cashio13.90
Red Snapper (2nd Place)Carter Round4.60
Red Snapper (3rd Place)No Entry—-
Sheepshead (1st Place)Mike Deichmann4.25
Sheepshead (2nd Place)Fred Debram0
Sheepshead (3rd Place)Drew Necaise3.45
Black Drum (1st Place)Drew Necaise2.25
Black Drum (2nd Place)Scott Dusang2.24
Black Drum (3rd Place)No Entry—-
Flounder (1st Place)Art Brewster2.45
Flounder (2nd Place)Kevin Trahant2.20
Flounder (3rd Place)No Entry—-
Bass (1st Place)Mat McMahon4.00
Bass (2nd Place)Christopher McMahon3.05
Bass (3rd Place)Mat McMahon2.85
Freshwater Catfish (1st Place)No Entry—-
Freshwater Catfish (2nd Place)No Entry —-
Freshwater Catfish (3rd Place)No Entry—-


Speckled Trout (1st Place)William Bonafacic2.35
Speckled Trout (2nd Place)William Bonafacic2.25
Speckled Trout (3rd Place)William Bonafacic1.90
Redfish (1st Place)James Breaux4.10
Redfish (2nd Place)Steve Danna2.80
Redfish (3rd Place)No Entry—-
Red Snapper (1st Place)Brad Frischertz22.05
Red Snapper (2nd Place)Hayes Round10.10
Red Snapper (3rd Place)Mason Long4.95
Sheepshead (1st Place)Alec Poe6.40
Sheepshead (2nd Place)Tristan Alonso4.60
Sheepshead (3rd Place)Jack Holley4.25
Black Drum (1st Place)Cameron Martin5.55
Black Drum (2nd Place)Cameron Martin5.50
Black Drum (3rd Place)Julia Trahant3.10
Flounder (1st Place)James Breaux2.35
Flounder (2nd Place)Will Bonafacic2.30
Flounder (3rd Place)Connor Pilie.65
Bass (1st Place)Jack Holley2.45
Bass (2nd Place)William Degehart1.80
Bass (3rd Place)James Breaux1.60
Freshwater Catfish (1st Place)Cameron Martin15.95
Freshwater Catfish (2nd Place)Sam Noveck ’245.70
Freshwater Catfish (3rd Place)Truman.0

DIVISIONS 3, 4, & 5

BIGGEST FISH Lillian Stouder (Gar)32.85
FATHER-DAUGHTER (1st Place)Julia Trahant—-