Jesuit Continues the Tradition of the Nine Churches Walk

Posted April 3, 2023 / Last updated April 9, 2023

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Rarely can Americans expect to find multiple Catholic churches within walking distance of one another. To trudge the suburbs of Dallas or Tampa, for instance, in search of the Eucharistic Lord would be a feat of epic proportions. Here in New Orleans, however, one can hardly cover a mile without happening upon the porch of some venerable old parish. Generations of Catholics have taken advantage of this ecclesiastical wealth in attending the annual Nine Churches Walk, a tradition originating in Rome, where for centuries worshippers have followed Christ’s Way of the Cross by going on a kind of miniature pilgrimage.

Jesuit continues this tradition in its own Nine Churches Walk, which has become part of the spiritual backbone of the school community. Beginning at Holy Name of Jesus on St. Charles Avenue at 8:15, pilgrims will walk to several of the city’s loveliest and most historic churches, concluding around two o’clock at Immaculate Conception on Baronne Street. Along the way, visitors will pray the Stations of the Cross and learn the historical background of each church as explained by Brandon Charles Briscoe ’98. From Holy Name to St. Stephen’s, which was recently named a minor basilica, from Our Lady of Good Counsel to St. Patrick’s, the Walk affords the community with an opportunity to rejoice in the spiritual treasures of our city and to be refreshed by beauty even as we share in the mystery of Christ’s suffering.

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