Blue Jays Attain Array of Academic Accolades: 13 Perfect ACT Scores, 60 AP Scholar Awards, and More

Posted November 1, 2022 / Last updated April 1, 2023

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In the past five years, Blue Jays have attained a score of 32 or greater on the ACT® an astounding 450 times—a feat that places these students in the national 97th percentile of college applicants. Remarkably, in the 2022 calendar year alone, 13 Blue Jays walked the halls of Jesuit’s campus with an ACT® score of 36, the highest attainable score on the test.

Jesuit’s academic focus, however, is much broader than a single measure of college readiness, and the school has published its 2022 Academic Accomplishments brochure to highlight a wide array of these achievements. This publication now includes National Merit semifinalists and commend scholars, AP scholars, students who score a 36 on the ACT®, State Literary Rally finalists, and classics students who attain a perfect National Latin Exam score.

Alongside their academic accomplishments, the Jays included in these pages are school and community leaders, standout athletes, musicians, artists, and much more. Click through into the document below to see the details of their accomplishments with their names and photos.