Theology Teacher Scott Delatte ’06 Featured by Province

Posted May 5, 2022 / Last updated May 17, 2022

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By Jerry Duggan

As a student at Jesuit High School, Scott Delatte ’06 was taught by two Jesuits and developed meaningful relationships with others throughout the school community. The wisdom, knowledge and compassion they exuded struck a chord with him. He fell in love with Jesuit education – so much so that he is teaching at his alma mater two decades after he began as a student there. 

“I have always been impressed by the Jesuits. They took time to connect with their students and care about their development and wellbeing, beyond rigorous academics, which we certainly had,” Delatte said.  

He recognizes this level of investment in a student’s full development as cura personalis, though he saw this ideal at work in the school’s Jesuit and lay teachers alike before he knew what that term meant.  

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