Blue Jay of the Year

Posted May 6, 2021 / Last updated May 6, 2021

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The Blue Jay Editors choose senior Zack Jaubert as the Blue Jay of the Year for 2020-2021

By Dalton Haydel ’23, Staff Writer

Senior Zack Jaubert is the polar opposite of average. Besides being senior class president and one of the
founders of Field Games Club, Zack is involved in Cross Country, Track, Sodality, Student Ministry, Pro-Life
Club, and National Honor Society. He fully embodies the spirit of Jesuit High School and is well-known for
his cheery personality and his genuine school spirit. Many say, “If Blue Jay Spirit were a person, it would be Zack

I came to know Zack during Cross Country practices in the summer of 2018 (going into my eighth-grade year). Since then, Zack has become my friend, brother, and mentor. For those who do not know, Cross Country practices occur nearly every morning at six o’clock during the summer months. Runners must have grit, perseverance, and a sense of humor to complete these grueling runs, and Zack has all of these characteristics. On our long runs, Zack motivated and inspired the team to make it to the finish lines. On our workout runs, Zack led by example and persevered lap after lap on the City Park Track. And, during our water breaks and cooldowns, Zack always kept the team laughing at some absurdity.

When Editor-in-Chief Michael Paul Fine asked me for ideas about a Blue Jay of the Year, Zack was the first
person to come to mind. I got the okay and I planned an interview.

After a day of exams, Zack and I met in the Student Council Office, and chatted for a bit before commencing the interview.

The first thing we discussed was his day-to-day life as Senior Class President and as a leader at the school. It quickly became clear how much time and energy he puts into planning each Student Council event, but, he says, it is “worth it for the boys’ enjoyment.”

Whether he is calculating payment for a senior lunch, planning a Welcome Week event, or judging Christmas door decorations, Zack is always working hard for the betterment of student life at Jesuit High School. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has created many challenges and hurdles for planning school events; however, Zack is working harder than ever for his senior class. He has already begun to plan Senior Week events “for the boys,” and he hopes to end this year on
a high note.

Zack is particularly proud of the comradery in the Class of 2021. When met with the social challenge of having long tables in the commons, the Class of 2021 adapted and started having lunch at Will Clark Field. Zack helped to orchestrate this movement, and, now, it has become a weekly event for seniors to bring their folding chairs to school and eat lunch at the field. Zack said that this is one of the many things that has united his class despite the
“COVID restrictions.”

Throughout the interview, Zack reminisced about his previous years at Jesuit and was truly in awe about how fast his five years of high school passed. Although Zack is leaving for college in the coming months, he does have some advice for the younger classes of Blue Jays: “Getting involved is the single most important thing at Jesuit…it helps you
to fit in and helps you find people with your same interests.” Zack remembers being very scared to come to Jesuit. He only knew a small handful of people coming to the school, which was intimidating to him. By “delving into extracurriculars and sports” he was able to find his best friends.

At the conclusion of the interview, I asked Zack if he had anything specific he wanted me to write. He answered, “I really just want to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to go to such a classy school.” Zack Jaubert’s legacy as a Blue Jay will certainly live on at Jesuit High School.

Zack, you will be missed.