Charles Marsala ’78 and Lena Prima Feature Blue Jay Band

Posted April 21, 2021 / Last updated May 2, 2021

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On their show Buona Sera Louisiana focused on Italian- and Sicilian-American culture, Charles Marsala ’78 and Lena Prima, daughter of legendary New Orleans jazz musician Louis Prima, recently featured the Blue Jay Band. Marsala attended Jesuit High School along with current band director Joe Caluda ’79 where both Blue Jays played in the band under the directorship of Caluda’s father, Marion Caluda.

Marsala and Prima touched on the history of the band program and interviewed Jesuit teacher and assistant band director Jason Giaccone—known to current Blue Jays as Maestro.

Prima and Giaccone cover everything from the beginning of his time at Jesuit two decades ago to current professional Blue Jay musicians (including opera singer and trumpet player David Castillo ’06) to the overall importance of music education.

“A great teacher can make such a difference in a young person’s life,” said Prima. “Bravo, Jason Giaccone!”