New Teacher Feature: Senor Hebert Spurlock

Posted February 20, 2021 / Last updated February 20, 2021

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By Aidan Wang ’25, Co-Media Editor

Why did you choose to work at Jesuit? 

I chose to work at Jesuit because I wanted to give back to the school that profoundly impacted my growth as a person. 

Where did you previously work? 

Before working at Jesuit, I spent two years working at Civil District Court preparing appellate records to be lodged at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal. 

Where did you go to school and what degree(s) you received? 

After attending Jesuit, I attended Tulane University where I received a BA in Spanish and Portuguese. During my time at Tulane, I studied at The University of Havana and the Pontifical University of Brazil – São Paulo. 

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What are your passions, hobbies, interests; what do you like to do in your free time? 

My hobbies include reading and singing opera. I’m excited to begin my teaching career at Carrollton and Banks.