Editor’s Eagle Eye: Maestro’s Coffee Habits

Posted February 20, 2021 / Last updated February 21, 2021

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By Aidan Wang ’25, Co-Media Editor

As your media editor, my eagle eyes have caught one strange thing: the coffee habits of Maestro Giaccone at Jesuit High School. After sitting down with Maestro, I am here to report to you his strange coffee habits.

What kind of coffee do you like to brew?

“Whole beans, darkest roast, and very finely ground.” 

That sounds quite strong, how much do you drink a day?

“About 7 cups of coffee*”

Drinking this much strong coffee, do you have any health problems or health concerns?

“No, I’m actually a very healthy person.”

If coffee were banned at Jesuit, how would you survive?

“I could survive with less coffee but I could not survive travel events without coffee. That includes but is not limited to band camp, parades, Disney, Europe.”

Is there a particular brand of coffee you like to purchase?

“Gevalia Dark Gold is my favorite”

When you don’t like to brew your own coffee, what is your favorite coffee shop?

“The Station at the corner of North Alexander and Bienville is my favorite. They also have house made pastries and have multiple kinds of brew methods ranging from French-Press to Classic Drip, and it’s only a five-minute drive from Jesuit.” 

Image result for The Station Coffee

What do you think of coffee beverages?

“Iced Coffee over ice is good but blended iced coffee drinks like Frappuccinos are not considered coffee in my opinion.”

What do you think of Coffee and Chicory?

“I don’t like it”

Jesuit Faculty Members: You can enjoy a cup of Maestro’s brew in the lounge. It is in an orange carafe, but do not confuse it for other coffee, as it is extremely potent.