Poetry Corner: ‘Magi in Three’

Posted December 16, 2020 / Last updated December 16, 2020

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By Austin Hebert ’22, Arts Editor


Hark! The sky brightens!

Fellow gazers come and see

foretold majesty.


The king Melchior,

Arabian gold with him

shining yellow bright.


Next Gaspar green clad,

the frankincense does he bring

to honor the king.


Final Balthazar,

with myrrh to scent and to smell.

The legend says so.


They gathered to ride

following the star most bright,

in search of the babe.


King of kings he is,

in inn lying in manger,

full, others dismissed.


Delayed by Herod

nor deceived by ill-wishes

being warned in dream.


Nor far desir’d place

destination having reached

where God rests in hay.


Messiah, he is!

The alpha and omega

Son of God, the Christ!


Bearing gifts to thee,

now nativity complete

are magi in three.

The Blue Jay arts editor Austin Hebert ’22 wrote this poem for Jesuit High School’s 2020 Christmas card, featuring this cover image by Mason Wulff ’21, who also designed the new blue jay image for the newspaper’s redesigned banner this semester.