New Teacher Feature: Ms. Kendall Gibson

Posted December 8, 2020 / Last updated December 8, 2020

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By Aidan Wang ’25, Media Editor

Ms. Gibson submitted the following responses to The Blue Jay’s new teacher questions.

1. When the opportunity came up to possibly teach at Jesuit, I knew that I couldn’t say no. On a practical level, I knew that it would be much more stable than my most recent job, but there were two things in particular that I was most excited about. First of all, I was excited to move to New Orleans. It’s a special city unlike any other, and I was thrilled to move here instead of merely visiting. Second of all, I went to an all girls college preparatory school back in Tennessee, and I know that going to school there changed my life. I wouldn’t be where I am now without such an incredible education. I wanted to teach at a school like that and hopefully have a positive impact on my students’ lives.

2. Spring and summer of this year I taught at River Parishes Community College. Before that, I taught at Louisiana State University for four years, Wichita State University for five years, and at Florida State University for two years while I was in graduate school.

3. I received both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Spanish with minors in theater, biology, and religion. My MA is in Spanish with a focus in Spanish Literature.

Display outside of the Spanish office for All Souls Day

4. I’m a performer at heart. I love acting and singing, and whenever I have the time to do theater, I try to make it happen. I also currently do voice acting for an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery podcast. I love to travel and can’t wait for the pandemic to end so I can get back to seeing the world. I love going to concerts (my fiancĂ© and I met at one!) and any sort of sporting event. I also have two dogs, and one of my big dreams is to one day have a big piece of land so I can rescue animals and take care of them.

5. One thing I like to tell my students is that I learned Spanish at school just like they’re doing right now. I don’t come from a Spanish-speaking family and I never studied abroad. I started Spanish classes in 8th grade, and I simply never stopped.