Jays Swimming Finish as State Runner-Up

Posted November 30, 2020 / Last updated December 4, 2020

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The Jesuit swimming team capped off an impressive 2020 campaign with a runner up finish in Shreveport. The Jays finished the meet with 346.5 points, a number that only trailed Catholic’s 459.5 points.

Senior and TCU swimming commit Phillip Endom shined on the biggest stage. Endom won the 200 individual medley and 100 backstroke. He finished as the only male to win two events.

All the times and scores can be read on LHSAA’s website and NOLA.com’s story can be read here.

Lee Reymond50yd Freestyle22.419
Parker Shaffer50yd Freestyle22.8814
Jacques Karcher50yd Freestyle23.0017
Egan Trahant50yd Freestyle21.493
Lee Reymond100yd Freestyle49.219
Parker Shaffer100yd Freestyle50.6912
Rudy Horvath 100 yd Freestyle52.6222
Gavin Langston200yd Freestyle1:46.806
Joseph Capo200yd freestyle1:47.487
Truman Breithaupt200yd Freestyle1:47.968
Nicholas Woodson200yd Freestyle1:57.1422
Joseph Capo500yd Freestyle4:43.603
Truman Breithaupt500 yd Freestyle4:55.106
Phillip Endom100yd Backstroke52.471
Jack Primeaux100yd Backstroke53.333
Jacques Karcher100yd Backstroke54.786
Nicholas Woodson100yd Backstroke1:00.3217
Ethan Paul Bauer 100yd Breaststroke 1:03.058
Andrew McNeil100yd Breaststroke1:03.2311
Thomas Cecola100yd Breaststroke1:05.2715
Duy Trinh100yd Breaststroke 1:05.3016
Egan Trahant100yd Butterfly 52.073
Gavin Langston100yd Butterfly53.336
Jack Primeaux100yd Butterfly54.809
Phillip Endom200yd IM1:52.651
Andrew McNeil200yd IM 2:04.328
Ethan Paul Bauer200yd IM 2:10.5419
Duy Trinh200yd IM 2:16.2527
Jesuit200yd Freestyle Relay1:28.542
Jesuit400yd Freestyle Relay3:16.382
Jesuit200yd Medley Relay1:38.532

Thank you to all the Jesuit coaches, players, and supporters for another tremendous season in the pool.