Hurricane Zeta Aftermath

Posted November 12, 2020 / Last updated November 12, 2020

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By Zane Madi ’22

After five grueling hours of blistering wind and rain, it was finally over. It was Hurricane Zeta. Hurricane Zeta battered the American South with violent winds weeks ago, ruining homes and leveling trees and leaving around two million million people in the states affected without power.

The storm made landfall on the coast of Louisiana as a Category 2 hurricane in the afternoon on October 28th. As soon as it was safe, officials on the coast began to deal with the damage and deployed workers to begin restoring power. This record-setting hurricane is one of five to strike Louisiana in 2020. 

Following this hurricane, after a few days without power, Jesuit, unlike many other schools in New Orleans, regained electricity and opened that week on Friday.

Although this was so, many students simply could not make it to school due to road damage or even access the internet. Thankfully, most of the students were able to recover in around a week after the storm, and, most importantly, everyone remained relatively unscathed. Similar to our state, Jesuit was able to bind together and maintain our determination and pursuit of knowledge, even under difficult times, even amid a pandemic.