Meet the Blue Jay News Team 2020-2021

Posted October 16, 2020 / Last updated December 16, 2020

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Left to right: Arts Editor Austin Hebert, Sports Editor Patrick Dowd, Editor-in-Chief Michael Paul Fine, Opinion Editor Luc Carriere, News Editor Louis Bercaw, and Moderator Fr. Sean Salai SJ

Editor in Chief

Michael Paul Fine ’22

Managing Editor

Kaden Oqueli-White ’22

News Editor

Louis Bercaw ’22

Sports Editor

Patrick Dowd ’23

Arts Editor

Austin Hebert ’22

Opinion Editor

Luc Carriere ’22

Media Editors

Aidan Wang ’25

John Dlugos ’24


Ben Burkett ’25, Staff Writer

Andrew Cavignac ’22, Staff Writer (News/Politics, Movies, Jesuit campus events)       

Jackson Cheramie ’21, Staff Writer

Aloka Fernando ’23, Staff Writer

Charlie Garitty, ’24 Theater Critic (Philolectic Society, Co-Curriculars)

Hunter Hoffmann ’21, Film Critic

Noah Leingang ’21, Staff Writer (Student Life, Fishing)

Zane Madi ’22, News and Sports Writer

Cole Maestri ’25, Food Critic and Sports Writer

Joshua Miller ’22, Staff Writer (Fiction, Opinion, Music and Theater Arts, Movies, Poetry)

Jake Nelson ’22, Staff Writer

Jacob Nguyen ’21, Staff Writer

James Ralph ’25, Staff Writer (Paintball, ROTC, Fishing, Bowling, Disc Golf, Theater)

Thomas Schmitt ’25, Staff Writer

Harrison Simeon ’22, Staff Writer (Sports, Music, Movies, Opinion, Arts)

Harris Treuting ’25

Kaleb Trombley ’25, Staff Writer

Grayson Tullis ’25

Gregory Uhlich ’24, Staff Writer (JHS News, Pro-Life, Sodality)

Mason Wulff ’21, Artist in Residence

Faculty Moderators:

Father Sean Salai, S.J.


Ms. Rebeca Campos