Jayettes Announce 2020-21 Team & New Coaches

Posted May 28, 2020 / Last updated August 19, 2020

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The Jesuit Jayettes are happy to announce the 41 dancers (listed below) that make up the team for the 2020–2021 academic year. The Jayettes would also like to welcome their new coaches, Chloe Crosby and MaQue Hollins, to the team. They are sad to say goodbye to their coach for the 2019-20 team, Sydney Greshem, but would like to wish her success in all her future endeavors.

Due to unusual circumstances, round one of tryouts was held via video submission and consisted of 86 girls. Round two tryouts were held in the Benson Arena on Saturday, May 23, with a total of 56 girls hoping to fill one of the 41 available spots. The girls tried out for the team in front of a panel of three judges whose dance experience in both performance and coaching allowed for a professional evaluation. Jayette hopefuls were judged on the execution of a dance that was learned via video and Zoom live stream.

The following dancers are invited to join the Jayettes for the next academic year:

Abby Evans, St Mary’s Dominican, 10
Abby Herbert, Mt Carmel Academy, 12
Adriana Caldcleugh, Kenner Discovery , 10
Ainsley Embley, Mt Carmel Academy, 10
Amelie Evans, Ursuline Academy, 12
Anna Atkins, Ursuline Academy, 11
Cameron Cancienne, Mt Carmel Academy, 10
Caroline Garitty, Mt Carmel Academy, 8
Cici Anderson, Mt Carmel Academy, 9
Elle Searcy, Mt Carmel Academy, 12
Ellianna Letulle, Academy of the Sacred Heart, 12
Elly Gillen, Mt Carmel Academy, 12
Emily Allen, Mt Carmel Academy, 11
Emily Cambre, St Mary’s Dominican, 10
Faith Hammons, Mt Carmel Academy, 9
Gabrielle Maggio, St Mary’s Dominican, 9
Hannah Lew, Mt Carmel Academy, 11
Isabella Tufts, Mt Carmel Academy, 10
Jade Robards, Mt Carmel Academy, 11
Joelle Zengarling, St Mary’s Dominican, 10
Julia Flood, Ursuline Academy, 11
Kaila Kitchen, Mt Carmel Academy, 12
Kate Bernstein, St Mary’s Dominican, 11
Kelly Farrelly, Mt Carmel Academy, 11
Kennen Santos, Mt Carmel Academy, 8
Lauren Mack, Mt Carmel Academy, 10
Lily Francioni, St Mary’s Dominican, 12
Mackenzie Charneco, St Mary’s Dominican, 10
Maddy Cusachs, Mt Carmel Academy, 12
Madison Schick, St Mary’s Dominican, 10
Meredith Brothers, St Mary’s Dominican, 11
Olivia Buras, Cabrini High School, 11
Paige Miller, Mt Carmel Academy, 11
Priscilla Ross, St Mary’s Dominican, 11
Rachel Rumney, Mt Carmel Academy, 11
Rene Guillot, Mt Carmel Academy, 12
Riley Gennusa, Mt Carmel Academy, 10
Sarah Kocsis, St Mary’s Dominican, 10
Savannah Fields, Mt Carmel Academy, 12
Taylor Sterbcow, St Mary’s Dominican, 8
Victoria Talamo, Mt Carmel Academy, 11

The team is coached by Chloe Crosby and MaQue Hollins and moderated by Susan de Boisblanc. The dancers represent several all-girl high schools from around the city, as well as Jayette and Blue Jay legacies.