Nine Blue Jay Bandsmen Selected for District VI Honor Band

Posted January 30, 2020 / Last updated February 4, 2020

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Aidan Schwartz, Michael-Paul Fine, Louis Bercaw, Austin Hebert, Michael Melancon, Matthew Vuong, Colin Torrance, Andrew Davis, Luke Gilmore

Nine Blue Jays were recently selected for the Louisiana Music Educators Association (LMEA) District VI Honor Band. They auditioned and competed against students from approximately fifteen other schools in the District and were selected to perform at the Honor Band Concert on the weekend of January 18-19.

Selected to perform with the Junior High Honor Band were:

Andrew Davis – Clarinet

Luke Gilmore – Percussion

Colin Torrance – Trombone

Selected to perform with the Senior High Honor Band were:

Louis Bercaw – Percussion

Michael Paul Fine – Trumpet

Austin Hebert – French Horn

Michael Melancon – Clarinet

Aidan Schwarz – Tenor Saxophone

Matthew Vuong – Flute

The students selected to perform with the All-State Ensemble had to go through a two-stage audition process, the first stage taking place here in New Orleans and the second stage taking place in Alexandria. They competed against the best high school musicians in the state!

Aidan Schwarz, Michael Paul Fine, and Matthew Vuong

Selected to perform with the All-State Ensembles were:

Michael Paul Fine – Trumpet

Aidan Schwarz – Tenor Sax

Matthew Vuong – Flute