In Loving Memory: First-Floor Wall Dedicated to Br. Billy Dardis, S.J. ’58

Posted January 15, 2020 / Last updated January 21, 2020

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Coach Mark Songy, Fr. John Brown, S.J. , and three Blue Jays look at the new dedication wall.

Almost every Blue Jay who has set foot on Jesuit’s campus in the last 60 years will have a Brother Dardis story. Many of the stories will share how he saved the day in some selfless way.

Fr. John Brown, S.J., led the project to honor the life of Br. Billy Dardis, S.J. ’58, by decorating the 1st-floor wall with some of the best Dardis photos. On Friday, Jan. 10, Fr. Brown announced the completion of the project and inspired Blue Jays with the following words:

“It’s my hope that, as you all discern your own careers, making decisions about how you will financially support the lifestyle you hope to have or the job hours you’d like to keep, you remember the happiness and contentment that can be found in a life dedicated to serving others. This is the only kind of happiness that comes when you don’t see happiness directly, when you trust, as Brother Dardis did, that by the grace of God, everything will work out when you live your life as a man for others.”