Class of 2020 Receives Historical Senior T-Shirts from Alumni Association

Posted August 13, 2019 / Last updated August 16, 2019

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Class of 2015 alumni Patrick LaCour, Bobby Comeaux, Garth Cook, Will Arnold, Patrick Cecola, Michael McMahon, and Harrison Bond

Members of the Class of 2015, who just recently formed their class leadership team, returned to campus Tuesday, Aug. 13, to distribute senior T-shirts to Class of 2020 Blue Jays. A gift from the Jesuit High School Alumni Association, the T-shirt can be worn by seniors on specific Senior Days and Blue and White Days. This year’s throwback shirt design has historical significance as it celebrates the school’s 100th year as the Jesuit Blue Jays.

During his 1920 senior year, F. Edward Hebert introduced a new school publication, not seen since the old student newspaper in the late nineteenth century. It was a yearbook for the school’s history, and Hebert called it The Blue Jay, but the cover featured the blue “J” on the top corner, and the Cyanocitta cristata, the aggressive, omnivorous blue jay, on the bottom corner. On May 15, 1920, The Blue J Yearbook went to press. John C. Paquette ’25, who spent 70 years as the school’s registrar, remembered that first yearbook. “As a little kid, I got to know some of the seniors. One of them gave me a copy of the first school annual, which the Class of 1920 edited and published themselves with faculty approval. It was called The Blue Jay. The name made a hit with the students and faculty. It originated really from the white sweaters with a block blue “J” on front which the athlete letterman wore. Henceforward the Jesuit student body inherited the name the Jesuit Blue Jays.”