Bowling Falls to Acadiana High at State Playoff Match, Four Singles Advance to State

Posted March 29, 2019 / Last updated April 3, 2019

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The opening match of the State Playoffs Tournament was a hard loss for the Jesuit Bowling team. With an almost undefeated season, it was a surprising upset to fall to the No. 27 seed, Acadiana High, by only 1 point. The 13-14 match was almost too close to call for the majority of the three games that ensued. 

Sophomore Ben Hunn lead game one with a five-bagger (5 consecutive strikes) in the last three frames that clinched a point for the Jays with a score of 199. Following close behind were seniors Alex O’Neil and Jake Stiegler with a 164 and 163, respectively. This put the Jays and Rams neck-and-neck in the first game of the match, each seeing wins from three bowlers. Jesuit won game one 5-3.

Outscoring Acadiana by 29 pins in game one, the Jesuit bowlers found themselves outpaced in game two, winning only two of six matchups. The highest scoring Jay, Hunn, fired off a score of 232 but was beat by his opponent who bowled a 237. By the end of the game, the Rams edged out the Jays by only 3 pins, nabbing all of the extra bonus points for a 2-6 win.

Game three was as close as it gets. Still up by 26 pins in the overall match score the Jays were still hopeful to win the match. All they needed to win were victories in at least three match-ups and to nab the ‘total pins bonus points’ for game three (+2 pts.) and for the overall match (+3 pts). Jesuit fought hard claiming three matchup victories and the overall match total pins bonus. But Acadiana managed to gain the game three total pins bonus by only 13 pins, ending game three 3-5 and solidifying their 13-14 match victory over the Jays. Hunn finished with a 675 series.

While the Blue Jays as a team are out, four bowlers placed for singles — Adam Francis, Ben Hunn, Alex O’Neil, and Jake Stiegler — and will advance to the State Championship Singles Tournament in Baton Rouge on Friday, April 5. Francis, Hunn, O’Neil, and Stielger also have received All-District 2nd Team for Divison 1 awards for their season averages — 184, 197, 196, and 194, respectively.

Through the Lens…

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The State playoffs also doubled as senior night in which the team honored all of the senior moms. (from left) Coach Todd Bourgeois ’88, Kristin and Jake Stiegler, Kimberly and Adam Francis, Stacey and Alex O’Neil, Margaret and Bradley Fugetta, and Asst. Coach Chris McCabe

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On the Horizon…

Four Blue Jays—Adam Francis, Ben Hunn, Alex O’Neil, and Jake Stiegler—are headed to Baton Rouge next Friday, April 5 to compete in the Singles State Tournament.