Rugby Falls to St. Joe’s Prep, 31-12

Posted February 25, 2019 / Last updated February 27, 2019

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In a tough battle in 30° weather, the rugby Jays fell to St. Joe’s Prep, 31-12.

The Jesuit Blue Jay rugby team traveled to Philadelphia last weekend to take on a fellow Jesuit High School, St. Joe’s Prep. St. Joe’s boasts a varsity-level rugby program with 100 players. That did not intimidate the Blue Jays, who were ready for the first-ever challenge match between the two Jesuit schools. The first stanza of the match saw Jesuit execute its pattern with precision. The Jays maintained ball possession and kept St. Joe’s on the back-foot with pounding runs by the Blue Jay forward’s pods and crisp line-running by the backs.

Among the forwards, Langston Goldenberg was particularly punishing with low-shouldering runs. His effectiveness was matched by Will Newell, whose slashing footwork at the 10 position saw him pierce the St. Joe’s line repeatedly. The incessant pressure resulted in three Blue Jay tries within the first 15 minutes—one by Goldenberg, one by David Childs, and another by Johnny Tindal. Unfortunately, two of those tries were called back.

Thereafter, St. Joe’s was able to repeatedly capitalize. While the penalties in a fast-paced rugby match are sometimes questionable, St. Joe’s ability to quick-tap off them and the Jays’ struggles to react were evident. The Jays did not give in to frustration, however, and continued to press their claim as the better squad. A series of passes including two offloads saw senior Will Motes display some wide-receiver-like ball skills to reel in a tricky pass. With the ball secure, Motes shifted into a fifth gear no one knew he had, as he sprinted and at one point, high stepped toward St. Joe’s tryline. One lone defender attempted to block his path with no success, as Motes lowered his shoulder and flattened a brave but unsuccessful St. Joe’s defender.

Although the match ended with St. Joe’s on top, it was a success for both teams, who played clean, hard rugby. 

Through the Lens…

View the Photo Gallery of the Jesuit (NOLA) vs. Jesuit (Philly) Rugby Match

Senior Peter James looks for space.

On the Horizon…

Jesuit played the NOLA Barbarians on Saturday, Feb. 23, and handily defeated them by a score of 57-3. The Jays look forward to traveling to another Jesuit vs. Jesuit match, as they play Jesuit Dallas on Saturday, March 9 in Dallas.