Sodality of Our Lady Inducts 35 New Members

Posted February 4, 2019 / Last updated February 6, 2019

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The 35 inductees kneel in front of the altar to begin their consecration to the Sodality of Our Lady.

Fr. Kevin Dyer, S.J., school chaplain and Sodality director

The Sodality of the Immaculate Conception, Jesuit’s premiere faith formation group on campus, held its Induction Mass on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019, in the Chapel of the North American Martyrs. Added to the ranks were 35 students from all eligible grade levels (9-12) who have now gained admission to the Sodality in order to grow in personal holiness, brotherhood with their peers, and service to others.

The inductees had spent the previous semester as candidates, attending meetings and exploring whether they were suited to life in the Sodality. Each Sodalist commits himself to daily prayer in the morning and evening, one weekly Mass in addition to the normal Sunday obligation, a monthly act of service to those in need, and monthly reception of the Sacrament of Confession. Parents and friends were in attendance at the Mass to pray for and support the inductees.

After the Agnus Dei, inductees came forward to make their promises into Sodality life. They made their consecration, reverenced the cross, and then received the Eucharist for the first time as inducted Sodalists.

Samuel Bel, the senior Prefect in charge of the Sodality, said, “Every year, we’ve added more members. When I started, we definitely had under 100 members. Now, we are well over 100. So, I look forward to seeing these new members make Sodality a top priority, regardless of the other activities and distractions that can drag us in many different directions.” 

Freshman inductee Mitchell Stevens signs his commitment to the Sodality.

The mission of the Sodality of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is to aid in the formation of its members in holiness and in virtue, to foster brotherhood, and to promote service for the common good and the Glory of God Our Lord. The Sodality is a long-standing organization on campus and was revived in 2008 by Fr. Nathan O’Halloran, S.J and the Class of 2013 pre-freshmen. The mission of the Sodality had been served by a similar faith-formation group under the name “Christian Life Community” until 2008. The Sodality has since been expanded and nurtured by the many Jesuits who continue to serve the school and has encouraged hundreds of students throughout the years to more deeply respond to the invitation Christ makes to them to be Men of Faith and Men for Others.

In his closing remarks at the Induction Mass, director Fr. Kevin Dyer, S.J., used the same language that Fr. Halloran used when he first introduced the revived Sodality: “This is not a club. This is a way of life.”

The revived organization in 2008 became official in the spring semester (2009). This means the revived Sodality is now in its 10th year.