Blue Jays Hyped After Winter Sports Pep Rally

Posted February 1, 2019 / Last updated February 6, 2019

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As students enter the gym, the Blue Jay Band (top right corner) plays.

Students are usually waiting for the dismissal bell to ring during last period on Friday afternoon. That was not the case for Blue Jays at Jesuit High School on Friday, Feb. 1.

By 2:10 p.m., the sounds of the Blue Jay Band could be heard on Canal Street as the entire student body processed into the Birdcage for the school-wide Winter Sports Pep Rally. In half an hour, Jesuit’s student council and the Class of 2019 lifted Blue Jay Spirit to an all-time high.

The combination of student council skits and projected videos, Jesuit’s Cheerleaders and Jayettes, and an all-new Baby Race entertained the students, faculty, and staff throughout the rally. How did all this happen in 45 minutes? The answer is hype.

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Student council secretary Marc Dougherty tells everyone to “stand up!”

2:15 – Blackout Birdcage

“Blue Jays, today is a glorious day!” student body president Dowen Fife said to open the pep rally. “Today, we have come together as a school for three reasons: one, to celebrate all the accomplishments the student body has earned thus far. Two, we are here to also reunite as a student body and win more state titles going! And three, to get revenge on Holy Cross and show them what it means to be a Blue Jay!”

Co-emcee Marc Dougherty then reminded Blue Jays of the tough loss the basketball team took, a 58-55 overtime loss, in the Birdcage. This certainly provoked a reaction from students, and from then on, Fife and Dougherty had everyone’s attention.


2:20 – Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders keep the hype going.

2:25 – Senior Intros

Senior bowler Bradley Fugetta shows his signature entrance.

2:30 – First Take Skit

Senior Damose Ituah portrays Stephen A. Smith in ESPN’s First Take.

2:40 – Jayettes

The Jayettes wow the crowd with a fast-paced performance.

2:45 – Baby Race 

Students dress as babies from Jesuit, Holy Cross, Rummel, Brother Martin, and John Curtis; and of course, the Jesuit baby wins the Baby Race.

2:50 – Sandstorm & Senior Huddle

Seniors race around the building and re-enter the gym for the senior class huddle.

The Winter Sports Pep Rally was the perfect way to celebrate the accomplishments earned thus far and to hype up the student body for the upcoming showdowns.