Alumni Mass & Reception Honors 2018 Alumnus of the Year, Anniversary Classes

Posted October 3, 2018 / Last updated October 8, 2018

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Watch the Video of the Address by the Alumnus of the Year, Elmore Rigamer ’58

View the Photo Gallery from the Alumni Homecoming Mass

View the Photo Gallery from the Alumni Homecoming Reception

Dr. Elmore Rigamer, Jr. ’58 gives his 2018 Alumnus of the Year address in the Chapel of the North American Martyrs.

Alumni Homecoming Weekend 2018 was a grand success as graduates returned to their alma mater to celebrate being a Blue Jay. The final weekend of September saw alumni returning on Friday to enjoy the 99th meeting of Jesuit and Holy Cross, won by the Jays 28-7, a pre-game tailgate, and, of course, Saturday’s Homecoming Mass and Reception.

The highlight of the weekend was the recognition of Dr. Elmore Rigamer, Jr. ’58 as Jesuit’s 61st Alumnus of the Year at the Homecoming Mass. Also recognized at the Mass were the 50-year anniversary class of 1968 and the 25-year anniversary class of 1993. Both classes demonstrated their gratitude for the formation they received years ago by presenting the school with significant gifts — The Class of 1968 Scholarship and Six Flags over Traditions Courtyard, six beautiful Jesuit flags that will fly over the courtyard courtesy of 1993.

Following Mass the Jays and their spouses moved to the Student Commons and Traditions Courtyard, both decked out with blue and white balloon bouquets, for a reception featuring the food of Acme Oyster House and Drago’s, a top-shelf open bar, the jazz sounds of the Gregory Agid ’05 Trio, and an abundance of Blue Jay Spirit. 

That spirit was felt throughout Dr. Rigamer’s Alumnus of the Year address to the congregation in the Chapel of the North American Martyrs. Poignantly, he shared memories of his Jesuit years and two important lessons learned from his Jesuit education—to serve others and to not be a bystander.

“Two principles of Jesuit education that have influenced me are one—the purpose of the education. The Jesuits are educating us for others as much as they are educating us for ourselves. And second—be your own man, keep your conscience informed, and follow it. You cannot be bystanders,” Rigamer said.

The guest of honor went on to discuss how those two principles came to surface throughout different points of his accomplished career—as a pre-med student at Spring Hill College, a volunteer in the Peace Corps, medical director of the United States State Department, and his current role as medical director of Catholic Charities.

“In child psychiatry we remind parents to take advantage of each stage of their child’s development…because the train of childhood goes through the stations only once,” Rigamer noted before closing his address. “I am fortunate that mine stopped at Carrollton and Banks.”

On Tuesday, Oct. 2, Dr. Rigamer joined the past Alumni of the Year at a dinner in his honor.

In the chapel and at the reception, many alumni could be seen congratulating Dr. Rigamer as this year’s Alumnus of the Year. And the many members of the Golden Anniversary Class of 1968 received quizzical looks as they sported not just a boutonnière but also a “whale” sticker, a tribute to their classmate Andy “Whale” Williams, who died on September 13.

Such a great event that honors so many different Blue Jays would not be possible without the generosity of many. Jesuit thanks Tommy Cvitanovich of Drago’s and former Alumnus of the Year (2007) Mike Rodrigue ’71 of Acme for providing the seafood feast and Jesuit staffer D.J. Galiano ’07 for his beautiful staging.

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