Book Day Brings Jays Back to School

Posted August 15, 2018 / Last updated August 17, 2018

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Senior class president Langston Goldenberg (right) greets William Newell and his little brother Scout Hughes (left).

Senior class president Langston Goldenberg (right) greets William Newell and his Jesuit Little Brother Scout Hughes (left).

As the 2018-2019 school year quickly approaches, Book Days on  August 14–15 hosted many familiar faces (and some new ones) to Carrollton and Banks, and those faces were full of smiles as students caught up with friends and ran through the stations for their books and other academic essentials.

View the Book Day Photo Gallery of Seniors, Juniors, & Sophomores

View the Book Day Photo Gallery of Pre-Freshmen and Freshmen

William Thompson '14, Stephen Redfearn, Gus Cannon '14, Stephen Zazulak, Gabe Navar '14, David Nimmo, Jack Zvonek, , Thomas Nimmo '14, and Nathan Zimmer '14 (kneeling)

William Thompson ’14, Gus Cannon ’14, Gabe Navar ’14, Thomas Nimmo ’14, and Nathan Zimmer ’14 (kneeling) returned to campus to distribute senior T-shirts, given as gifts from the alumni association.

The two days took place without a hitch as Jesuit faculty and staff welcomed seniors, juniors, and sophomores back to campus on Tuesday and freshmen and pre-freshmen on Wednesday. If the efficiency of these days is any indication of things to come, the 2018 – 2019 school year will indeed be a smooth one.

Blue Jays navigated through a labyrinth of stations and tables with ease, gathering books and supplies along the way in preparation for the new year. Stations for student ID photos, textbook pick-up, and P.E. uniform purchasing were just a few of the many stops made by Blue Jays throughout the day.

 New School Year Begins

The week of beginnings for the academic year continues with Investiture and Orientation on Thursday and the first full day for all Blue Jays on Friday.

Parents and students are reminded that the bulletin and calendar are no longer printed and can be accessed on the Jesuit website. The student directory is available on Canvas.