Alumni Offer Professional Advice at Career Day 2018

Posted January 24, 2018 / Last updated January 31, 2018

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Career Day at Jesuit highlights a special facet of the brotherhood that exists among Blue Jays across the decades – namely, that of guiding younger Jays through the next phases of life. On the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 24, alumni returned to Jesuit to be resources to students by giving them a glimpse into their lives as professionals.

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With careers ranging from Accounting to Veterinarian Medicine, a total of 37  alumni gave practical advice to juniors and seniors about 26 different careers. Student chose two professions to learn about in 30-minute presentations given by alumni. During the presentations, students heard about the training and preparation that goes into a given career path, the pace of work on a typical day, and the effects on lifestyle which accompany the profession.


Brian Landry ’94 with (from left) guidance counselors Aurora Daigle, Mary Favalora, and Andrew Schiro, and alumni director Mat Grau ’68

While the upperclassmen were making the rounds through specific careers, 8th, 9th, and 10th graders enjoyed a presentation in the auditorium by chef Brian Landry ’94. The co-owner and head chef of both Borgne and QED Hospitality (which operates the restaurants in the Pontchartrain and Thompson Nashville hotels) told his story about choices that led him to where he is today, repeating throughout his address that “the journey is just as important as the end goal.”

Watch the Video of Brian Landry’s Address to Students

Landry opened his address listing places he has been, celebrities for whom he has prepared food, and milestones he has reached because of culinary arts: “Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Jamaica, two presidents, U2, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, 300 employees, 22 million dollars in sales, and the privilege to cook in one of the greatest food cities in the world … is where food has taken me. But, when I was sitting in your seat, a little bit ago, I would have never picked this as a career path. I wouldn’t have even envisioned it as a possibility.”

In a nod to calculus teacher Mr. Dave Wright, Landry explained the name of his company: “In Calculus class, whenever we would solve a problem on the board, he would write QED, the Latin for quod erat demonstrandum, which means ‘This is the proof. It’s been demonstrated.’ The name of my company now is QED Hospitality because this is the proof of what it means to be hospitable.”

Career Day Speakers

Profession Speaker 2018
Accounting Tommy McGinnis’96
Andrew Sullivan ’08
Advertising, Marketing Ward Rice ’84
Architecture, Construction Management Chuck Neyrey ’95
Pat Thomas ’97
Banking John Zollinger ’85
Business – Contemporary Entrepreneurship Chad Thilborger ’93
Computers – IT, project management, programming, business systems Evan Hart ’95
Computers – Software development Robert Gaffney ’00
Computers – Gaming Evan Smith ’00
Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management Chad Penedo ’97
Alex Fein ’97
Dentistry Stan Cowley ’95
Michael Tufton ’05
Education Casey McMann ’07
Ben Moscona ’94
Engineering – Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Bob Mora ’97
Blake Hosli ’04
Engineering – Petroleum & Chemical Tim Sicard ’82
Brandon Hartmann ’05
the Film Industry Chris Serio ’01
Finance –  Wealth Management, Financial Advisor Paul Saltaformaggio ’96
Journalism – Broadcast & Print Wes Muller’02
Chris Drew ’74
Law Graham Ryan ’04
Bryan Pfleeger ’83
Medicine Matt Gaudet ’97
Andre Mouledoux ’97
the Military Brandon Gregoire ’91
Ministry Fr. John Brown, S.J.
Music Eric Heigle ’02
John-Michael Early ’04
Pharmacy Justin Ritter ’02
Physical Therapy Alex Farge ’05
Politics Walt Leger ’96
Sales Stephen Parrish ’97
Sports Administration Kyle Huber ’09
Veterinarian Medicine Matthew Levy ’08
Career Talk to 8th, 9th, & 10th Brian Landry ’94