Blue Jays Compete in Ben Franklin Math Tournament

Posted November 6, 2017 / Last updated November 7, 2017

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46 Blue Jays represented Jesuit Mu Alpha Theta and Chi Alpha Mu at the Ben Franklin Math Tournament, earning the second place overall Sweepstakes Trophy.

Forty-six Blue Jays represented Jesuit Mu Alpha Theta and Chi Alpha Mu in the Ben Franklin Math Tournament on Saturday, Oct. 28. Competing against 13 other schools, Jesuit took home the third place Interschool Trophy and the second place overall Sweepstakes Trophy.

Individual honors were earned in the following categories:

Algebra I:  Matthew Vuong (2nd)

Geometry:  Garrison Trahant (2nd); Michael McGovern (Honorable Mention)

Algebra II:  Lucas Deane (3rd)

 Math Bowl Team honors:

Algebra I: Louis Bercaw, Thomas Cecola, and Matthew Vuong (1st)

Geometry: Si Holmes, Michael McGovern, Hunter Richardson, and Garrison Trahant (4th)

Algebra II: James Bercaw, Frederick Junius, Milan Mardia, and Dominic Stoner (3rd)

Advanced Math: Cameron Kosloski, William Schott, Aidan Walker, and Jack Zvonek (3rd)

Calculus: Garrett Crumb, Paul James, Graeme Mjehovich, and Michael Farrugia (2nd)